Kingdom Death is a work in progress.

The Kingdom Death Vision

Kingdom Death is a beautiful, original board game set in a nightmarish, richly imagined world, supported by some the most superbly sculpted miniatures on the planet. Spine-chilling storytelling, impossible battles, legendary adventures, horrifying monsters.

We want to create a board game experience that underscores the brutal physical and mental torment of surviving in a world where people are the struggling bottom of a monstrous ecology.

Kingdom Death is a cooperative hybrid RPG / board game system, providing friends with countless adventures in dim, lantern-lit chaos and nightmares. Expect hordes of monsters and absurd boss battles to stand in the way of leveling and tricking out a perfect death machine build for your selected character.

While the game is under development we are releasing individual, collectible versions of Kingdom Death figures as well as unique variants to help financially support the project.

The Rough Plan


Spend a few years dreaming up a game world, characters, monsters and board game. Save up lots of money, eat ramen noodles and try to keep notes organized.


Reach out to artists and build a team to start bringing the ideas to life. Weep with joy when the first concept comes in. Now the tricky part... finding a sculptor.


Try selling limited runs of miniatures online, hope there is enough interest to continue the project!


Launch Kikstarter on black friday 2012 and run campaign until jan 2013. While campaigning develop a pledge manager for backers to lock in their rewards.


Continue working on the project and the content added by kickstarter stretch goals, set up a fulfillment plan and figure out warehouse solution.


Fulfillment of rewards to kickstarter backers and follow up with potential retail / distribution solutions.

Our Kickstarter!

Every miniature is lovingly packed into a rigid kraft hand stamped box.

Limited Releases to Support the Project

To help support the project please pick up our limited release figures. The budget is balanced so that each release can fund a future figure and they make for a great piece of Kingdom Death history for a collector.

Limited releases make sense for a very focused project like ours primarily due to time and capacity. We are trying to balance delivering the very best quality products and making adequate time to develop the rules, world, artwork and future miniatures. We strive to create the very best and this can be quite time consuming!

Nope, never seen Hills have Eyes 2.

About the Creator

Adam Poots is an ambitious Creative Director, designer & web developer. Kingdom Death is a fully self-funded project and a perfect outlet for his passion of "tiny man making".

He loves board games, chiptunes, Japanese pop music, energy drinks, doctor who, and videogames.

Currently he is working full time on the project.