Heal X

When a monster performs heal X, return X AI cards from the Wound Stack to the bottom of the AI deck without looking at them.

First Strike

A type of monster hit location. This hit location must be resolved before any others, except Traps. If multiple First Strike locations are drawn, the player decides the order in which to resolve them. Traps still precede and cancel all other hits.


A survival action. When a survivor is hit, after rolling hit location dice but before damage, they may spend 1 survival to dodge, canceling one hit. The dodged hit becomes a failed attack roll and does not cause damage. Any additional un-dodged hits resolve normally. Dodge is the only survival action that knocked down survivors can perform. Each survivor may only Dodge once per round.


Gear with this keyword is a dagger weapon. Survivors may gain levels of dagger weapon proficiency with this weapon.

Basic Action

A Monster’s basic action is detailed on its Basic Action card. A basic action consists of a target action and an attack action with an attack profile. Monsters will perform a basic action on some AI cards, in some reactions, or if the AI deck and discard are both empty. Performing a basic action does not count as an AI card being drawn.


An ability. At the start of the survivors’ turn, if you are adjacent to the monster, reveal the top AI card, then place it back on top of the deck.