Overwhelming Darkness

A space on the Hunt Board. The first time each hunt the survivors move into the Overwhelming Darkness space, they trigger the Overwhelming Darkness story event. The survivors cannot skip Overwhelming Darkness. If they move through the space, instead stop all movement and resolve Overwhelming Darkness before any other events or effects. Then, resolve other events or effects on this space. If, for some reason, the survivors move into or through Overwhelming Darkness more than once in a single Hunt Phase, treat it as a blank space. If the monster is on the Overwhelming Darkness Space when the survivors move into it, skip its event and start the showdown immediately.


A gear special rule. Accessory gear may be worn in addition to armor on a hit location. Each accessory specifies the hit location it covers.


Actions following an alert contain important conditional information that must be considered to determine if the action is performed. Continue to perform any further actions on the AI card unless stated otherwise. Survival may not be spent during an alert.


A gear special rule. Survivors spend movement and activation to move the maximum available spaces in a straight line in one direction. At the end of movement, if in range, perform an attack using a melee weapon, adding the number of spaces moved in this way to your strength for the attack. Charge does not impact any further attacks this turn.

Blue Life Exchange

An ability. In the Aftermath, gain 3 additional Hunt XP. You may not place gear with the “other” keyword in your grid. Gain +1 permanent luck with each Age milestone. When you retire, you cease to exist.

Run Away

Once a settlement has innovated Pictographs, survivors may abandon a Hunt or Showdown Phase at any time. Follow the instructions on the Run Away story event.