Heal X

When a monster performs heal X, return X AI cards from the Wound Stack to the bottom of the AI deck without looking at them.

Knocked Down (Monster)

While a monster is knocked down, attack rolls hit on 3+ (in place of normal accuracy). Cancel all reactions, including reactions that might be beneficial to survivors. This does not cancel critical wounds effects (since they are not reactions). If the monster is knocked down during a flow, cancel any remaining actions on its card. A knocked down monster stands when: it draws an AI card, a trap is played, or at the start of the next turn (monster or survivors’).

Next Round

Some effects persist until the end of the next complete round. These effects will end after the monster, then the survivors, take another turn.


Principles are your settlement’s guiding philosophies. When a principle’s story event triggers, your settlement must make a choice. Record the chosen principle on the settlement record sheet and add that principle’s card to the settlement play area.


Resources cards are gained from defeating monsters and events. They are spent to develop the settlement and craft gear. There are 4 kinds: Basic, Monster, Strange, and Vermin.


An ability. At the start of the survivors’ turn, if you are adjacent to the monster, reveal the top AI card, then place it back on top of the deck.

Basic Action

A Monster’s basic action is detailed on its Basic Action card. A basic action consists of a target action and an attack action with an attack profile. Monsters will perform a basic action on some AI cards, in some reactions, or if the AI deck and discard are both empty. Performing a basic action does not count as an AI card being drawn.