Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Update Pack Install Guide

This guide is intended for players who have a first edition copy of Kingdom Death: Monster and a new 1.5 Update Pack.

We recommend that new players begin their campaigns with the 1.5 edition of Kingdom Death: Monster (available for pre-order).

To upgrade your first edition copy of Kingdom Death: Monster using the 1.5 Update Pack simply follow the instructions below.

The Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Update Pack comes with all the components you need to upgrade your existing first edition game to the 1.5 edition of Kingdom Death: Monster. The update pack features:

  • Five additional lantern years of content, including a brand new boss fight
  • New rules that evolve the Kingdom Death: Monster play experience
  • Content revisions to clarify existing issues and improve gameplay
  • Improved components
  • Format polishing

Here you’ll find an overview of new components in the 1.5 Update Pack, along with instructions on how to install them into your existing game!

What you’ll find inside the box:
New miniatures – a brand new final boss monster and two new survivors to join your rank.

  • (1) Plastic sprue containing Gold Smoke Knight, Old Survivor, and Young Survivor
  • (1) 50mm plastic two-part base (base and insert) for the Gold Smoke Knight
  • (2) 30mm plastic two-part base (base and insert) for Old Survivor and Young Survivor

Game components to modify your game

  • 1.5 Hardcover rulebook
  • 1.5 Settlement record sheets
  • 1.5 Survivor record sheets
  • 1.5 Settlement locations
  • First Day settlement event card
  • Double-sided Settlement Phase/Hunt Phase board
  • New token sheet containing:
    • (4) Reroll tokens/reminders
    • (10) Endeavor tokens
    • (1) Priority Target survivor status
    • (1) Settlement Phase reminder
  • Death Die (clear, orange)
  • Gear dividers
  • Bridge-sized card dividers
  • (1) One pack of gear cards
  • (2) Two packs of bridge-sized cards

Note: The old versions of components that are replaced by the Update Pack are no longer necessary. You can preserve them or discard them, but do not re-incorporate them into your game.

Install Instructions

1. Replace your existing settlement and survivor record sheets with the pads in this kit. These versions are updated to work with the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 campaign.

2. Replace the existing Settlement Locations listed below with the new version in this kit. (Not all Settlement Locations have been modified for 1.5. You should only replace the Settlement Locations that are provided in this Upgrade Kit).

  • Bone Smith
  • Catarium
  • Exhausted Lantern Hoard
  • Lantern Hoard
  • Organ Grinder
  • Stone Circle
  • Weapon Crafter

3. Replace your existing First Day settlement event card with the one in this kit.

4. Punch your new tokens from the sheet and add the new tokens to your game tray. The new tokens serve a variety of useful functions.

  • Reroll tokens: Remind players of the option for once in a lifetime rerolls. Archive if the reroll is used.
  • Endeavor tokens: Place on the board during the Settlement Phase to represent your settlement’s pool of endeavors. Discard these tokens as endeavors are spent.
  • Priority target token: The new token works in conjunction with the old token. The player controlling the survivor is given the large token, while the small blue token should be placed under the survivor’s base to remind everyone of the the priority target.
  • The Settlement Phase reference: Serves as a reminder of the steps in the Settlement Phase.

5. Add the Death Die (clear, orange) to the dice in the game tray. You will use it when your settlement reaches the Lantern Research story event.

6. Replace your existing card dividers with the ones in this kit. Please make sure to add the Exhausted Lantern Hoard gear divider and the Gold Smoke Knight standard divider to your box; these are new additions for the 1.5 edition.

7. Replace your existing softcover rulebook with the new hardbound rulebook in this kit. It contains new campaign content, rules, and changes.

8. Open the sealed pack of gear cards.
ADD the following cards to the appropriate settlement location section in your storage.

Bone Smith
(3) Three Bone Club

(1) Lantern Dagger (this will be your fourth copy so you can have them paired twice)

Organ Grinder
(3) Three Stone Noses

(1) Hollow Sword (this will be your fourth copy so you can have them paired twice)
(1) Sonic Tomahawk (this will be your fourth copy so you can have them paired twice)

Exhausted Lantern Hoard
(1) Final Lantern (double-sided)
(3) Oxidized Lantern Sword
(4) Survivors’ Lantern
(3) Oxidized Lantern Glaive
(3) Oxidized Lantern Helm
(4) Oxidized Lantern Dagger
(3) Oxidized Ring Whip
(3) Oxidized Beacon Shield

REPLACE the following cards in their appropriate settlement locations (you do not need the old copies of these cards)

Rare Gear
(1) Forsaker Mask

Barber Surgeon
(3) First Aid Kit

Bone Smith
(3) Bone Pickaxe
(3) Skull Helm
(3) Bone Sickle

(3) Cat Gut Bow
(3) Whisker Harp
(3) Claw Head Arrow

Hours Ring (replace all three copies with just this one; it is a Unique gear card)

(3) Rawhide Drum

Stone Circle
(3) Screaming Horns
(3) Screaming Skirt
(3) Screaming Bracers
(3) Screaming Leg Warmers
(3) Screaming Coat

9. Open the sealed packs of bridge-sized cards. (The Monster AI cards in the following section are categorized by type [S, L, A, B]. Hit Location [HL] Cards and Hunt Events [HE] are marked appropriately.)

ADD the following cards to the appropriate decks/dividers:

(1) Destiny

Secret Fighting Arts
(1) Bone Whisperer
(1) Beast of Caratosis
(1) Scholar of Death
(1) Grace of Dormenatus
(1) Synchronized Strike
(1) Lucernae’s Lantern

Strange Resources
(1) Black Lichen
(1) Lantern Tube
(1) Cocoon Membrane
(M) Universal Cards
(1) Indomitable

The Watcher (AI)
(4) Horripilation (S)

Gold Smoke Knight (AI)
(1) Double-Sided AI Basic/Ref Card
(1) Mauler (S)
(1) Blacken (S)
(1) Frustration (S)
(1) Secondary Forge (S)
(1) Incendiary Charge (B)
(1) Choking Smash (B)
(1) Scattering Strike (B)
(1) Scorching Charge (B)
(1) Savage Grab (B)
(1) Force Amplified (B)
(1) Backdraft (B)
(1) Glowing Charge (B)
(1) Ashen Assault (B)
(1) Cinder Sundering (A)
(1) Crashing Blow (A)
(1) Ashen Blow (A)
(1) Combust (A)
(1) Shuddering Smash (A)
(1) Indiscriminate Smash (A)
(1) Flashover (A)
(1) Diaphoresis (L)
(1) Shattering Blitz (L)

Gold Smoke Knight (HL)
(2) Two Fuming Counter
(1) Fuming Pauldron
(2) Two Maul Counter
(1) Fuming Scrag
(1) The Knight’s Maul
(1) Ancient Fur Cape
(1) Fuming Plackart
(1) Fuming Mailed Fist
(1) Fuming Sabaton
(1) Fuming Solleret
(1) Fuming Vambrace
(1) Fuming Couter
(1) Fuming Gauntlet
(1) Mournful Mask
(1) Fuming Bevor
(1) Ashen Armageddon
(1) Straining Gut Plate

REPLACE all existing copies of the following cards with the cards in this kit:

(7) Double-sided AI basic/reference card

Armor Sets
(1) Lantern Armor
(1) Screaming Armor

(1) Binge Eating

Fighting Arts
(1) Clutch Fighter
(1) Rhythm Chaser
(1) Leader

(2) Two Debris

(1) Cooking
(1) Sacrifice
(1) Drums
(1) Saga
(1) Face Painting
(1) Sculpture
(1) Forbidden Dance
(1) Song of the Brave
(1) Heart Flute
(1) Storytelling
(1) Partnership
(1) Pictograph
(1) Cannibalize
(1) Pottery
(1) Survival of the Fittest
(1) Records
(1) Romantic

White Lion (AI)
(1) Bloody Claw (A)
(1) Vicious Claw (B)
(1) Combo Claw (B)

Screaming Antelope
(1) Diabolical (S)
(1) Palate (HL)
(1) Restless Tiny Hands (HL)
(1) Dead Antelope (HE)
(1) Grazing Field (HE)

King’s Man (AI)
(1) Silent Hymn (S)
(1) Coup de Grace (B)

(1) Fast Target (S)
(1) Kick (B)
(1) Infinite Kick (B) (remove 2 existing copies of Kick (B) and add new Kick and Infinite Kick in their place)
(1) Invincible (S)
(1) Furious Scrag (HL)

Weapon Proficiencies
(1) Club Proficiency