Gambler's Chest Painting Contest

Kingdom Death redefined Monster with the biggest expansion ever. Packed with new stories, rules, art, and stunning sculptures of monsters, and survivors. Delivering this project to our fans is a summit worthy of celebration with a painting contest.

We are so excited to showcase the talents and perspectives of Gambler's Chest fans with a GAMBLER’S CHEST PAINTING CONTEST. Accepting submissions until April 30th, 2024; don’t miss your chance to show off your skills and win amazing prizes!


Fill out your details, Select a category for your submission (Monsters, Narrative Sculpts, Armor Kits, Diorama), and add your images.

All qualifying submissions will be showcased here! Please review rules for more information.

Only details explicitly marked as for public display will be displayed with your entry, all other information is for internal use only.

After the submission deadline passes, our inscrutable Dark Judges will choose 3 finalists and a number of honorable mentions in each contest category. Fabulous prizes will be awarded!


Everyone's a winner! All qualifying submissions will receive $15 in Kingdom Death shop store credit. Limit, one per entrant. In addition, 3 finalists will be chosen from each of the following categories to receive additional prizes.

  1. Best in Show: Take the Dark Judges’ breath away.
  2. Best Monster: The most compelling interpretation of a Gambler’s Chest monster.
  3. Best Narrative Miniature: Dynamic storytelling of a survivor’s journey.
  4. Best Armor Kit Miniature: Rendered from the foes of the Gambler’s Chest, show us your survivors wearing their spoils.
  5. Best Diorama: A powerful scene featuring one or more Gambler’s Chest miniatures.

Honorable mentions - Accolades, a King’s Coin.
3rd Place in each category - Accolades, a King’s Coin, and $50 to spend at the Kingdom Death store.
2nd Place in each category - Accolades, a King’s Coin, and $100 to spend at the Kingdom Death store.
1st Place in each category - Accolades, a King’s Coin, and $100 to spend at the Kingdom Death store. In addition, you may choose a Narrative Sculpture from the Gambler’s Chest, Team Death will create a one of a kind, 1/8th scale print of your chosen model that will be uniquely yours.

Submission Closes In



  • At least 51% of your miniature entry must be models included in Kingdom Death: Monster - Gambler’s Chest expansion. (The scenery, terrain, or diorama do not count towards this percentile.) Submissions may also contain bits or parts from any other Kingdom Death miniatures or scratch built pieces but not pieces from non-Kingdom Death miniatures.
  • Each entry must be fully painted.
  • Each entry should consist of 1 main entry photo and up to 2 additional angles, or detail shots.
  • Photograph entries in front of a plain background.
  • All photographs must be .jpg or .png files, with a min width of 1600px and max file size of 5 megabytes.
  • Do not edit photos to include text or additional graphical elements (your credit will be listed with your entry), do not use filters to alter the appearance of your miniature.
  • Retouched or digital colored images will not be allowed. Only basic color correction will be allowed. A list of prohibited retouching or digital modifications includes but is not limited to: Labeling, airbrushing, highlights, coloring, blending, blur, glow, or other special effects.
  • We encourage you to tell us about your miniature(s) with your submission! These stories will be displayed with your entry.
  • Each entry must be a creation painted for the contest. We encourage you to share your progress and process on social media! Include us in your posts, we love to see your work @kingdomdeath.
  • One miniature will be judged in each entry (except diorama entries which will be judged as a whole). If there are multiple miniatures in your entry, please indicate clearly which on your would like the Dark Judges to evaluate.
  • Bases and scenes can be simple or elaborate, provided they do not contain miniatures or terrain from non-Kingdom Death creators. Scratch-built terrain and crafts supplies are allowed.
  • Employees, contractors or authorized agents of Adam Poots Games, LLC are welcome to enter and display their submissions, but will not be accepted as a finalist.
  • All images submitted become the copyright property of Adam Poots Games, LLC.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice.
  • By entering the Kingdom Death Gambler’s Chest Expansion Painting Contest, the contestant agrees to the rules and terms.