Living Glossary


Skills and techniques learned by survivors, usually through story events, and recorded on the Survivor Record Sheet.


The Watcher's instinct. Described on the Watcher's showdown story event and basic action card.


Add +1d10 movement to a move action. Before moving, you may roll the Death Die and add the result to your movement for one move action this round.


A gear special rule. Accessory gear may be worn in addition to armor on a hit location. Each accessory specifies the hit location it covers.

Accuracy (Attribute)

Represents permanent changes to attack rolls. Positive attribute adds to the dice roll, while negative attribute subtracts from the dice roll.

Accuracy (Weapon/Attack Profile)

The number that each attack roll result must meet or exceed in order to be considered a hit. Listed on monster attack profiles and weapon gear.

Acid Palms

An ability. Add 1d10 strength to wound attempts when attacking with Fist & Tooth.


The part of the survivors' turn in which an individual survivor gains movement and activation. Each survivor must complete their act before another may start theirs, and all unused movement and activations are lost when a survivor ends their act.