Pinup Painting Contest 2022

Kingdom Death offers the most stunning pin-ups in the hobby. Each meticulously sculpted by our incredibly talented team. And now, a veritable bounty of them are available in our curated collections, Pinups of Death Series I-V.

To celebrate these amazing pieces of art, we are holding a contest to find the greatest painted pin-ups the community has to offer. Running from Thursday, July 14th, 2022 until Tuesday, November 1st, 2022; don’t miss your chance to show off your skills and win amazing prizes!

How to Enter

  • Submit 1 picture of your entry (featuring any model from Pinups of Death Series I-V) labeled “Pinups of Death Painting Contest” to If you want to show multiple angles of your submission, you can create an image comp. Don’t forget to include a name and valid address for prizing purposes!
  • All qualifying submissions will be showcased online on our official site and shared with the community!
  • After the submission deadline passes, our inscrutable Dark Judges will choose 3 finalists for each of our 3 categories, all of whom will receive a fabulous prize! In addition, all approved submissions will receive a freshly minted King’s Coin for their time and efforts!


Everyone's a winner! All qualifying submissions will receive a King’s Coin. Limit, one per entrant. In addition, 3 finalists will be chosen from each of the following categories to receive additional goodies and commemoration.

  1. Best Story: We’re transported! Your pinup or diorama doesn’t just catch the eye, it grabs our imagination with a narrative told through paints, props and scenery!
  2. Best Skin: Look at that natural glow! Your pinup is the embodiment of liveliness, they look so real we swear they could just stroll right off their base!
  3. Best Overall: All we can say is, wow! Perfection is an understatement for your work!

3rd Place in each category - You will receive $50 in store credit, to be spent on anything of your choosing in the Kingdom Death webstore!

2nd Place in each category - You will receive $100 in store credit. In addition, you will be able to select any model of your choice from Pinups of Death Series I-V. Team Death will commit to prepping and queuing a painter’s scale print run of the model! Of course, you will receive the first painter’s scale of that model for free.

1st Place in each category - You will receive $100 dollars in store credit and your choice of a model from Pinups of Death for a painter’s scale print run. Finally, you may choose another model from Pinups of Death (or the same one as your painter’s scale choice). Team Death will create a one of a kind, 1/8th scale print of your chosen model to send to you!


1st Place

Best Pond Scum

Second Place

Best Upside Down



At least 51% of your miniatures must be comprised of models included in Kingdom Death: Pinups of Death Series I-V. (The scenery, terrain, or diorama do not count towards this percentile.) Submissions may also contain bits or parts from any other Kingdom Death miniatures or scratch built pieces but not pieces from non-Kingdom Death miniatures.

  • Each entry must be fully painted.
  • Each entry may only consist of 1 photograph. If you want to show multiple angles of your submission, you can create an image comp.
  • Submissions may only be photographed in front of a plain background.
  • All photographs must be .jpg or .png files, with a min width of 1600px and max file size of 5 megabytes.
  • Each submission must include a name or submission title. They must also contain (your) name or what you’d like us to publicly display on our website.
  • Each submission must include a valid address in order to receive physical prizes.
  • We encourage you to tell us about your Pinup(s) with your submission!
  • Each entry must be an original creation for the contest and must not appear as a final product on any other website until this contest has concluded. It may appear as a WIP (work in progress).
  • Each entry must consist of one unique pin-up represented by one unique miniature. It may however, be part of a scene, or diorama. Judging emphasis will be on the individual pin-up chosen for this entry. If more than one survivor is present in your photos please make it clear which one your entry is.
  • Bases and scenes can be simple or elaborate, provided they do not contain miniatures or terrain from non-Kingdom Death properties. Scratch-built terrain and crafts supplies are allowed.
  • Only 1 submission per entrant may be accepted as a finalist.
  • Employees, contractors or authorized agents of Adam Poots Games, LLC are welcome to enter and display their submissions, but will not be accepted as a finalist.
  • Retouched images will not be allowed in the contest. Only basic color correction will be allowed. A list of prohibited retouching or digital modifications includes but is not limited to: Labeling, airbrushing, highlights, coloring, blending, blur, glow, or other special effects.
  • All images submitted become the copyright property of Adam Poots Games, LLC.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice.
  • By entering the Kingdom Death Pinups of Death Painting Contest, the contestant agrees to the rules and terms.