KDU#87- Halloween Sale
KDU#87 - Halloween 2023

KDU#87 - Halloween 2023

Gather around for a spooky night of tricks and treats! Allison joins her friends at the table with a pumpkin-ful of goodies. Basara steals the show with licks from her saxe, Lucy snags a snack, Sylvania's maddened grin lights up the room, and their friend in King costume sheepishly challenges the King itself.

This month Basara joins the chorus with exclusive Smog Singer content, Sylvania's horrifying journey begins, packs of survivors in costume ring the doorbell, and a beloved character returns from the archival grave.

This month also heralds the approach of a new Gambler's Chest expansion painting contest!!

Halloween 2023 Releases

New Resin Releases
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Halloween Pinup Twilight Knight - Painters Scale - Read More
Necromancer - Archival Remaster - Read More
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New Hard Plastic Releases
Basara - Read More
Halloween Survivors - King Costume - Read More

Seasonal Exclusives
Halloween Death Dice - Read More
Devil Satan - Read More

Erza of Dedheim - Read More
Halloween Pinup Twilight Knight - Read More
Halloween Ringtail Vixen - Read More
Halloween Survivors - Read More
Halloween Survivors - Series II - Read More
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Oktoberfest Aya - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.6 Core Game - Read More
Card Sleeves V2 Bundles Read More

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Gambler's Chest Painting Contest

Coming soon! Announcing a painting contest to celebrate the long awaited Gambler's Chest Expansion, featuring the glorious miniatures of the chest!

The Dark Judges will be looking for your very best monsters, narrative sculpts, and armor kits to render fabulous prizes!

During the contest, we encourage you to post your works-in-progress, recount your favorite arc survivor stories, and share your tools and techniques! Tag us in your posts on instagram @kingdomdeath. Stay tuned for rules and details.

The Gambler's Chest expansion will make a retail debut on the blackest of Fridays.

Community Spotlight

Stuff your face with these tasty treats. The community serves up haunting miniatures, terrifying new monsters emerge from the chest, and an enviable subterranean dwelling.

Devil in Red on Rainbow

Nikkikolls was kind enough to provide us all with the complete spooky stream of her painting process for Halloween Devil Satan. Nikki does well to match Lokman Lam’s original art while adding a color flare to the appendages on which Satan sits. The details on the appendages that live in the throne itself made us grin like a carved rind. Check out the rest of Nikki’s Youtube page for more paints including a glimpse at her latest trick or treating Halloween survivors. 

Awaited and Ornate

It’s fitting that we include a handsome King paint to go along with the King’s survivor Halloween costume. U/Spiritualism has delivered. The hues that shine from the golden Majestic Collar work so beautifully with the flesh tones that marks the Air Rib Cage and Stone Infants hanging on the King’s heavy chains. The tile pattern on the bejeweled base is adds a regal touch to this towering monster. 

Blended Bodies

Her first paint from the Gambler’s Chest Expansion is here and it does not disappoint. The marquee monster of the Gambler’s Chest Expansion has been give the Shoshie treatment! The sphere of snorers that rest atop the venerated Dream Keeper feature a full spectrum of light. The colors blend and overlap just as seamlessly as the individual dreamers themselves. 

Basement Hangout

The survivors gather around the table for another lantern year of darkness. Check out this incredibly rendered mural wal!l @true_grim commissioned their ultra-talented wife to brighten up a cellar gaming dwelling with an image of four randos gathering for a night of games.


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