Kingdom Death News! - Black Friday 2020
KDU#60 - Black Friday 2020

KDU#60 - Black Friday, Wave 3 Fulfillment Begins, Core Game Pre-orders, and More!!!

This dark year finally reaches its Blackest Friday. I am using this time to express gratitude to our fans for your continued support of this project and the hobby at large. The Kingdom Death team and I have reached for our hobbies as a welcome escape at the toughest points of this period. We are happy to know that this project can be that escape for some.

Despite the difficulty of our new working reality, we have lots of big news to share.
  • Kickstarter Wave 3 shipping begins with Part 1!!
  • The shop is stocked for Black Friday
  • The end of Monster 1.5
  • The completion of the Legendary/Infamous card pack
  • The birth of Monster 1.6
  • A new version of the Showdown Tracker
  • Brain-melting kickstarter update packed with details

Kickstarter Wave 3 Fulfillment BEGINS

A significant portion of Wave 3 has completed production and it is time to ship it! Wave 3 Part 1 includes Pinups, Pinup collections, Stone Face Bases, and Satan.

All pledges that have items in this wave must confirm their address and pay shipping fees (preorders already paid shipping). Payment methods will be charged for shipping December 1st.

You will receive a separate email from BackerKit that takes you to your pledge. Your pledge now has a shipping fee for Wave 3 Part 1. Make sure to review your payment method and confirm your shipping address, making any changes as needed.

After December 1st, BackerKit will charge your payment method for shipping fees associated with Wave 3 Part 1.

After successful payment, your pledge will be locked and prepared for shipping from our shipping partners worldwide. Backers will receive notifications when their packages ship. Please be aware, the holiday season, the current delays in the shipping world, and new unforeseen challenges may arise! We are working closely with our shipping partners to make sure you receive your pledge items accurately and as soon as possible.

Important note: When you review your Backerkit pledge you will find Pinups of Death I-V and Satan have been consolidated for select backers into a single bundle. Don't panic, if you've pledged for all these items, they are now listed as one item to ease communication with our shipping partners.

Massive Black Friday Kickstarter Update

Feast your eyes! Progress and insights into the development of Wave 3 (parts 2&3) kickstarter content with a huge spotlight on the Gambler's Chest.

For those observing, have a wonderful holiday!

Legendary Card Pack

Maybe you've heard of it? Production of the card pack is underway. If this hasn’t been on your radar the last few years, the card pack began as a promise to deliver a potpourri of content. grew to include errata, fixes, and critical tweaks for the game. Pre-orders are now open for the cost of raw materials and shipping.

This Card pack includes:
  • Card Typo Fixes for Core Game and Expansions
  • Minor content needed to upgrade a 1.5 Core game to 1.6
  • Promised content from select single release figures.
  • Promised content from Pinups of Death II collection.
  • A surprise or two!
Pre-order the Legendary card pack at BackerKit. Backers can add it to their pledge, everyone else can pre-order in the Black Friday only preorder shop. We have added a placeholder card pack to the Kingdom Death shop only as a way to help fans find their way to BackerKit.

The End of Monster 1.5

Monster 1.5 is sold out in almost every warehouse! Australia still has a limited quantity of games. This Black Friday, these few remaining games are available at our Black Friday discount with free shipping worldwide!! 

As the 1.5 lantern extinguishes a new one is lit.

The Beginning of Monster 1.6

The newest edition of Monster core game is off to print with a few tweaks and surprises. We are offering a special pre-order price during Black Friday weekend.

The newest print edition of Monster will include the tweaks, fixes, and upgrades included in the Legendary Card Pack! 

Current events are straining every aspect of the manufacturing and shipping supply chain so we estimate the print run to arrive summer 2021. For enthusiastic fans, we are offering a BackerKit -based preorder at our Black Friday exclusive price.


Black Friday Sale

In celebration of the blackest day of the year you will find once-a-year discounts throughout the shop, rare and seasonal figures, reprints of popular sold-out products, and the brand new Echoes of Death III.

Forbidden visions of Kingdom Death future and past can be found throughout the store. Seasonal exclusives and naked miniature bundles for hobbyists to collect and paint (sold in no-frills packaging, miniatures with no artwork or game content of any kind). Unreleased Monster accessories make their appearance as well as other various treasures waiting to be unearthed!


Black Friday 2020 Sale and Releases

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 - Read More
Legendary Card Pack - Read More

New Releases
Echoes of Death III - Read More
Death High - Lucy - Read More

Fresh Restocks 50% Off
Echoes of Death II - Read More
10th Anniversary Survivors - Read More
Vignette of Death: White Gigalion - Read More
Ringtail Vixen - Read More
Sword Hunter- Read More

Black Friday Releases 
Naked Forbidden Bundle - Read More
Naked Nightmare Ram - Read More
Black Friday Death Dice - Read More

Hard Plastic White Boxes, Echoes I & II, and Vignettes of Death 50% Off
All individual white boxes are on sale - Read More


Through Tuesday (12/1), backer pledges and new preorders are open for the rest of Wave 3 (parts 2&3) and Wave 4 content.

Existing backers: Add Wave 3 (parts 2&3) and Wave 4 items to your pledge responsibly. You have received a separate email from backerkit with your unique link to reopen your pledge. 

Preorder store for new fans: Jump on board the Wave 3 (parts 2&3) and Wave 4 kickstarter content by pre-ordering at exclusive backer prices this weekend only. 

Check out the kickstarter update to get a peek at our progress on the kickstarter content. 

Showdown Tracker Alpha: Black Friday Update

Work on the Showdown Tracker continues apace and this darkest day is a perfect time to share some progress! Designed to help us and you host remote play sessions of Kingdom Death: Monster, the newest version has some incredible quality-of-life and functional improvements over the last version. To use the latest version, players will need to purchase it from the shop starting on Black Friday.

The Showdown Tracker is available at no cost for owners of Monster, please check kickstarter update #71 for the discount code.



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