Kingdom Death News! - We missed Valentines Day!
KDU#67 - Feburary 2022

KDU#67 - We missed Valentines Day!

While love can be late or even lost, it can never be forgotten. Today on March 1st, we celebrate the Valentines Day we missed with a new, gothy character. Available in our standard, deathgrey and a new deathpink photoresin!

We also have a bit of treat, The Screaming God Armor (alpha armor) sculpted by hand and cast by hand poured resin. And we uncovered a hidden stash of expansions monsters that will offer a lot of added playability for the folks that are just working their way through the second or third (or 100th) play-through of the core game.

Additionally, we will be taking preorders on a reprint of the original expansions. We will announce these preorders via this mailing list. So if you are subscribed here, you'll be amongst the first to know!

Community Spotlight


Welcome back to the community spotlight! We’re back from a small hiatus to bring you a glimpse into the community’s artistry. This month we present an axe-wielding serf, an upbeat percussionist, a knight in its habitat and a very powerful butcher. 



Hero in Hemming


Nessahillart’s latest paint tells the grim tale of an unlikely protagonist, a peasant turned hero by choosing fight over flight. The axe that was once used to painstakingly clear trees from the malevolent forest is now bloody. It is the only thing standing between her and a grisly demise from the pack of wolves attacking her village. Below her are the bright eyes of one of her now-deceased attackers. The frenzied fear of this character is brought to life beautifully by the brush.





Butcher as Burlesque 

Phantasmacolor has their newly painted Pinup Butcher kitted out and ready to peel our face off! The artist even graciously threw in another Butcher’s Cleaver for that custom base. We love the extra earthy layers on the base with the bonus Butcher’s Cleaver to boot. Speaking of boots, those are some tremendous metallic accents on those furious greaves. This Butcher has earned all the dreaded trophies she can carry.




Beetle in Blue 

Atomicdogpainting has mastered some new techniques with this exceptional work on the Dung Beetle Knight. Fresh off of slicing and dicing some bamboo stalks with its filthy resin sword, this blue baller’s century carapace is looking lustrous in its shiny new coat of paint. We’re dazzled by the way those plated shoulders sparkle in the overhead light. No detail is spared: there even appears to be some ancient iconography scrawled on the bases’ bamboo! I think I speak for all of us when I say: show us the ball!




Keeping the Beat

Yokai_miniauture is kind enough to give us a look into the painting process by sharing the work in progress stages of their Smog Drummer. The Smog Drummer’s beats come from striking the creature’s severed face with its own limb bones. The artist perfectly depicts a scene of simultaneous joy and agony. The sad hues of blotchy bruising on the drum’s still sentient head darkly contrasts with the jubilantly painted smile from the cute and peppy drummer herself. 

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