Kingdom Death News! - Post Gen Con Sale
KDU#47 - Post Gen Con 2019 Sale

KDU#47 - Gen Con Report

We've returned from Gen Con! Scout packs brimming with new games and buzzing with excitement. To the fans that stopped by the booth, thanks for making 2019 the best show yet. We had a blast meeting you and killing your survivors on the showdown board. What a stunning celebration of tabletop excitement! 

Little known fact, Kingdom Death's booth is entirely staffed by Team Death. If you came to the booth you may have crossed paths with our venerable sculptors on line control duties, game designers at the checkout, or playtesters running demos. This is also our once-a-year chance to come together as a group from all over the world and see our fans, face to face. We've included a few highlights from the show below.

Vignettes of Death
Gen Con 2019 introduces a new format for Kingdom Death: Monster. Vignettes are playable stories from the world of Kingdom Death. Vignettes are played using your core Monster game but without the complexity and heft of campaign play. Beat the Vignette to unlock content for your ongoing campaign.

Vignette of Death: White Gigalion is the story of the survivors of Deadrock facing off against an aberrant White Gigalion. If the survivors are victorious, the White Gigalion is unleashed into campaign play along with new craftable White Gigalion gear.

Gen Con Debuts
In addition to Vignettes of Death, we also premiered:

  • Echoes of Death 2, a new set of survivors, milestones, and strain fighting arts to add to your campaign.
  • New photoresin and resin releases.
  • Two new White Box hard plastic releases.
  • A Dung Beetle Knight shirt!
  • Art prints celebrating the art of Lokman Lam.

Post Gen Con 2019 Releases

Gen Con Season Exclusive
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New Releases
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Summer Specials
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Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

Current Expansions Restock
United States Warehouse Read More

Please be aware: orders cannot ship from multiple warehouses. Canada and Australia regional warehouses DO NOT ship outside their region. Expansion and Whitebox orders cannot be combined with items from HQ warehouse.

Gen Con 2019
Some images from KD's Gen Con adventure.
Life Sized Lion Art!
Our Vigilant Doorman
A Synchronized Strike!
Survivors in the Citadel
Peeking at the Wares
The Crimson Crocodile!

Community Spotlight

We love our community! Gen Con gives us a chance for fans to share their cosplays, paint jobs, and crazy game stories in person. It is such an incredible and humbling experience to be able to share our enthusiasm for this dark world in which we dwell with the people who have not only made it their own, but made it what it really is. Kingdom Death would be simply a void without the mass of unique lanterns held high by our community.

This year our demos offered fans a chance to journey to the Cess Pond to dodge the Frogdog’s heinous farts as well as the Black Knight’s Citadel where brave survivors scrambled to survive the Black Knight’s vicious evictions. Both demos offered a sneak peak into the unreleased Inverted Mountain Campaign. Continued thanks to all of those who’ve tagged us in their projects, paints, convention experiences, and game nights on the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Roaring Into Gen Con

Cosplayers Kyasarin and Rogue Angel Cosplay pounced onto the convention floor with this cunning White Lion armor set cosplay. Judging from these survivors’ gear grids, the monsters lurking in our booth are in danger of catching some Lion Beast Katars, or even getting hit by a Claw Head Arrow from a Giant Stone Face seven booths away. These White Lion sets are print perfect from Helm to Boots! Thank you for choosing Kingdom Death as this Gencon’s cosplay canvas.

Deadrock's Doom

Painting Man Danit didn’t waste any time after Gencon, tearing into the new White Gigalion with a terrifyingly great paint job! The White Gigalion apparently returned the favor, wasting no time in tearing into Danit’s first crew of Deadrock survivors. Luckily Danit’s crew won round 2 by the skin of their fists and teeth.

We’re so excited to take a gander at such a beautiful paint job so soon after release! The hues and tones on this model accentuated the model’s ferocious features. The skin tone contrasted with the glorious mane and the mess of red blood is particularly chilling.

Marathon Around the Sun

Here’s a quick glimpse into Gen Con 2019’s 48 hour Kingdom Death campaign! Judging from this settlement’s Sacred Pool and Umbilical Bank it looks like these survivors are People of the Sun facing off against the King's Man. In a People of the Sun campaign, the King's Man lvl 2 is the first nemesis in a gauntlet style series of brutal showdowns that culminates in the Great Devourer. The settlement was fearless and this campaign set the stakes sky high -- any loss to one of the gauntlet monsters would have meant game over for the settlement of attendees. Thank you to all who participated in this marathon of a campaign! We relished your tales of peril and plunder.

Marked with Death
We were lucky enough to have Neonspike pay us a visit to show us his glorious Kingdom Death ink! A stunning depiction of the Necromancer. We’re pleased as punch that artist Lokman Lam was stateside to see his work in person, on a person! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ink, we’re beyond flattered. Keep building, painting and surviving.


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