Kingdom Death News! - June Sale
KDU#55 - June Sale
KDU#55 - Summer Breeze and a Miniature Sale
Here at KD HQ in NYC we continue our commitment to the safety of our team, so only a very small sale is on the docket for this humid summer month. Our team continues to isolate from each other but the printers are humming along and resin begins to appear in small batches. Our intrepid product crew packs your orders alone together.

We have the new Death High Novice and two encore favorites, the Generic Shadow Thief and the Pinup Visionary, along with the vibrant summer dice for some sunny rolls.
June Sale

June 2020 Releases

New Releases
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Resin Encores
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Seasonal Releases
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Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

Community Spotlight

Summer has very much arrived and in New York we have forgone beaches and barbecues for the safety of continuing to shelter in place. While trading board shorts, flip flops, and massive gaming conventions for masks and gloves isn’t exactly what we had planned for, we're making the best of it by painting, gaming, lounging in the sun a respectable six feet apart away from others. And of course, we're gazing at the myriad of paints from across our community! Here are just a few of the many paints that caught our eye, as always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.

The Taking Tree

Maks.boyschuk’s dark depiction of the Lonely Tree and its Lady only make these two beings more seductive. The roots and trunk’s muted tones that bear leaves of deep verdant green and rich fruits. Such healthy leaves and plump fruits makes one think that this botanical being is exceptionally well fed, nourished by the bodies of prey lured in by sweet nothings of its symbiotic red-headed lady.

A Summer's Bloom

Jean_peinture’s delicate gardener is piercing our hearts with perfect aim. We are gobsmacked by the precision, the style, and the colors on this knight, and the real prize, that lovely cello. We can’t get enough of that brilliant green with the light trim, and the contrasting hues and shades coming from the blade’s hilt and the vibrant eyes. A superb paint for staying inside in the summertime.
Eye on the Prize
Stepping out of its workshop to name its price is Jeromeroberty’s Cyclops Knight. Will it take an ear, a year, a vial of tears, who’s to say? One thing that’s certain is that this master crafter looks absolutely striking from the shimmering chrome paints of the skeletal armor and blade to the splash of the color on the cape and singular focused eye. The metallic effect on the anvil is also a nice touch!
Priestess With Plenty

Blessing us with even more beautiful verdant hues is sipaintsstuff’s Priestess. From our Generic series, where we collaborate with our artists to create unique interpretations of classic fantasy tropes. We love this Priestess because it itself is unique, forgoing traditional black and white for something far more fitting of the season. The way the color palette blends with itself is quite compelling.


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