Kingdom Death News! - Lost Easter Sale
KDU#54 - Lost Easter Sale
KDU#54 - Team Death, Hunkered Down
As many of you know, Kingdom Death HQ is based in New York City where we are currently under mandatory shut-down. Across the rest of the states and the world, the rest of Team Death is taking extra care!

We are still playtesting, designing, and creating! The Crimson Crocodile and the Smog Singers have defeated countless survivors in these past weeks. We have some good feedback and are sculpting away! We’ve also repurposed some of our 3D printers to help build valves for ventilators. We are planning on a formal kickstarter update next week!

For the month of May we have the Lost Easter Sale and Kingdom Death creeps into Instagram to find what lurks in that darkness.
Lost Easter Sale

A sale like no other arrives! We are offering a single mini product this month at very limited quantities and a first time back-order option (for the encores)! Things are changing day-to-day in NYC and this will be a very slow for sale for us to pack.

This month we are featuring a look at love in the time of quarantine. We were so smitten with Lokman’s illustration of the Intimacy Couple as Death High students that we couldn’t resist turning them into miniatures! For this month we present, The Death High Intimacy Couple !

During the Lost Easter sale, we are also offering the King’s Coin, a currency that can be used to purchase the most precious of treasures and secrets. Purchases of King’s Coins will help support the team now.

Please be aware orders will dispatch from HQ slowly, as we comply to the utmost with our city’s mandates.

King's Coin

Introducing the King's Coins!

When we return to HQ, our next sale will only accept King's Coins as a form of payment for the first 24 hours! The King's Coins are digital gift cards that can be used to make purchases on the Kingdom Death store. Your purchase of King's Coins helps support the team while we eagerly await our return to HQ. Thank you so much in advance! 

We reserve the right to add a special miniature in the future which can only be purchased with The King's Coins! (Of course if we do so, we will give everyone another opportunity to purchase King's Coins).

Purchase here

The Instagram Expansion
Without the opportunity to meet face-to-face, we have launched our official Instagram, @kingdomdeath!!! While we are holed up, we will use this platform to keep in touch with each other and our fans. Please share your Kingdom Death hobby with us at #kingdomdeath and tag us @kingdomdeath. Show us figures you've painted, campaigns you've played, and all your gruesome fates along the way.
Community Spotlight

Here in New York, April showers have lead to a few May flowers. We enjoy them from a window pane or a brisk walk, and that doesn't make them any less splendid. The same goes for our wonderful community of gamers, hobbyists, cosplayers and a mixture of the three (and more!); still wonderful from afar. Thank you all, not only for painting and building, playing or contributing, but for staying home safe! Please enjoy this collection of what's caught our eye! 

If we missed your project, be sure to share it with us on the official KD Twitter account @kingdomdeath and official Instagram account @kingdomdeath

Real Life Delicate Gardener

Joeshoe has created a cosplay as striking as the Flower Knight itself! We salute a cosplay so accurate that we’re tempted to venture into the wooded area in search of Lantern Buds and Warbling Friends. There’s a disarming level of detail on the Fey Breastplate, and Delicate Shoulder Joint with their blooming floral adornments complete with a Replica Flower Sword. This Delicate Gardner even has light up eyes! Check out JoeShoe’s Instagram for more awesome shots of this Flower Knight, or other powerful cosplays.

Top of the Paint Priority!

Congratulations to BaronVonUcase for completing a truly glorious Phoenix. The Phoenix can be an extremely challenging monster to paint, build, and fight. Here at Kingdom Death we have deja vu thinking about all the models we’ve stripped again again until we finally get that perfect paint. BaronVonUcase’s Phoenix ranks top of the food chain. The rich contrasting colors of the feathered wing and body enhance the majesty of the model. We’d also like to briefly chatter about contrasts and colors of the model, from the flesh tones on the tiny winged hands, to the ethereal aura emanating from the inner face and feathered neck. Excellent Work!
Late Nights at the Scoopy Club
Valentine’s day has come and gone, but it’s never too late to spread the love with the Valentine's Day Twilight Knight! Calveraminis’ Twilight Knight is looking absolutely luminous as she collects neon vomit, puke, bile,or retch with her Scoopy Club. With an expression of demure serenity despite the nasty nature of her task, this Twilight Knight has dizzying good looks from her vibrant hair to her snazzy dress and hat combo that matches the bile below. Let’s not forget that exceptional neon metal effect and trim on the blade!
Heat Check for a Mauler

Out of the ashes of their unpainted box, Monstroys delivers us a scorching take on the Gold Smoke Knight. Our painter turned fuming to flaming by inserting terrific conflagrations into the fuming bevor, plackart, couter, and gauntlets! The bright fiery tones contrast perfectly with the classic medieval metal feel of the armor proper. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of this thing’s ash zone, nor its smash zone.


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Thank you!
When will my order ship? 

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally we pack and ship orders daily, however during new releases we estimate shipping delays up to 2 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!
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