Kingdom Death News! - First News of the Decade
KDU#52 - January 2020 Sale
KDU#52 - The Start of The Decade

Welcome 2020! We are excited for a brand-new year focusing on content development and kickstarter progress. Of course, our shifting focus will never tear us away from new sculpts and ideas so we are starting the year with a couple new releases and some hard-hitting reruns. In addition, some big news concerning our shop to start the new year off.

2020 Brings Shipping From Multiple Warehouses

This year, we are rolling out shipping from multiple warehouses to our fans and customers. This means, no more limits on what combination of items you can order from our store. PLEASE BE AWARE, each warehouse charges a separate shipping fee. When ordering from multiple warehouses, shipping costs will reflect multiple shipping charges. At this time the fee will show as a single combined rate. (We hope that in the future the system will offer a breakdown of prices from each warehouse.)

Card Sleeves Are Back!

Back by popular demand, custom KDM card sleeves. Standard and gear sized cards as well as sleeve bundles return to the store.

New Year Store Sale!

January 2020 Releases

New Releases
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Beloved Encores
Energy Potion Maker - Read More
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Seasonal Releases
Winter Death Dice - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

Community Spotlight

Holidays have come and gone, no longer able to blunt the impact of short days and bitter nights. But our community persists through the ice, bringing miniatures to life with bursts of color and personality. This month, we will be showcasing a few mean monsters, a powerful starting four, and a familiar face with an autumnal beverage.

If we missed your project, be sure to share it with us on the official KD Twitter account @kingdomdeath

Real Life Rainbow Beetle

Bohun_miniaturepainter has proven themself a genius architect with this unbelievably cool Dung Beetle Knight paint! Using a mix of silver and inks to devise a palette of custom colored metallics, our painter has managed to create an iridescent DBK that perfectly matches the real life rainbow scarab dung beetle (follow the link to see a side by side comparison). Awesome job! The precision of this piece speaks for itself. 

World’s Best Boss

Thewrathofpainting has blown our minds with this scary good Skeleton Boss! The Skeleton Boss is Kingdom Death’s take on some well established tropes in fantasy art. The lighting effects and details on the chainmail, boots, helm, and faceplates are absolutely astounding. The way the tones shift on the tattered fabric is also downright chilling. 
Bottom’s Up!
Robot_Jones brewed up something special with this Oktoberfest Aya. The painter stays true to Lokman Lam’s original art with picture perfect attention to detail on this mini. Aya’s signature red hair looks brilliant contrasted with the bright colors that fill her Brave Dirndl. It looks like Aya is just now realizing that her large supply Afterdeath Brew is quickly oozing out of that bierfass! Delicious. 
10th Anniversary Survivors

With a unique and compelling paint job, Wiltingmoon has given us a glimpse of what ten lantern years look like. Ten years of showdowns, brain traumas, and journeys in and out of overwhelming darkness has hardened and evolved the familiar starting four survivors. Allister stands grimacing and stalwart. While Erza, fury in her eyes and covered in blood, looks like she’s fresh off delivering a brutal deathblow. Meanwhile, Lucy and Zachary look as strong and intrepid as ever, even with their hair beginning to wizen. Excellent work! Paints like these only come once in a decade. 


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