Kingdom Death News! - 10th Anniversary Sale
KDU#48 - 10th Anniversary Sale

KDU#48 - 10 Years of Survival!

We are honored and amazed to be here 10 years after debuting the first Kingdom Death miniature, the White Speaker. The twists and turns of this past decade have astounded and challenged us to grow in ways we never expected. 

We are celebrating this survival milestone by revisiting the start of our story in two ways. First, a return to the White Speaker miniature, updated with a decade of storytelling and miniature design. Second, we revisit the starting survivors from Kingdom Death: Monster, Allister, Erza, Lucy, and Zachary, reimagined 10 lantern years into their survival in the darkness. Our 10th Anniversary releases include content that provides a glimpse into the future of Monster.

We've also got new releases and encores representing many of the visions this project has made real. Resin Libra and Photoresin Death High Dragon Sacrifice debut and Investment Sniper, Last Bard return.

Thank you for 10 years of support, growth, and nightmares!


10th Anniversary Releases

Anniversary Exclusives
10th Anniversary Survivors - Read More
10th Anniversary White Speaker - Read More

New Releases
Libra  - Read More
Death High - Dragon Sacrifice - Read More

Investment Sniper - Read More
Last Bard - Read More

Fall Specials
Fall Death Dice - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

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Community Spotlight

Our fans are as inspiring and radiant as ever, bursting with creativity! Post post Gen Con painting is in full swing, and we can’t get enough of it. So many spicy Sci-Fis and excellent Echoes of Death paints to ogle. Here are some selections we pulled from a wealth of sensational fan paints. Continued thanks to all of those who’ve tagged us in their projects, paints, convention experiences, and game nights on the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Show Us Your True Colors

Attention all painters! The Lantern’s Reign Discord Server is hosting a painting contest! You have till the end of October to submit the single most colorful, detailed, and deadly miniature to the Echoes of Paint contest. There are many goodies to plunder, but first prize includes a unique 3D printed item from Team Death! Check out #echoes_of_paint_event on Discord for more info on prizes and how to enter.

Picture Day!

Fall means it's back to school time at Death High. And hobbyistgirl is making sure our favorite alternate universe high schoolers are showing up to class in style! Every choice by our painter does a phenomenal job of uniquely reflecting the personality of each Death Highschooler. The custom painted school hall bases are a nice touch. It looks like the Enforcer is cutting class to shoot some biscuit in the Death High parking lot, and the Male Preacher implored a certain busybody hall monitor taste the linoleum floor. It’s going to be a great school year!

World Building

Holy cow look at all this custom expansion terrain by Califax512! This master sculptor managed to create a complete 3D set of all of our expansion terrain. The meticulous attention to detail would make even the Tyrant proud. We can’t take our eyes off those charming blooms, they look good enough to eat. It’s so lovely that Califax’s Spidicules was kind enough to weave you those Silk Nests. Wonderful style and paints all around. 

A Projected Presence

After making her debut at Gen Con, it’s great to see our Sci-Fi Savior in dazzling full color. Elevated on her base, standing on one sci-fi stockinged leg. The crew of the SS Dreaming breath a little easier knowing that Lorenzosasso’s Savior will project her presence as the exploration vessel crosses through the event horizon.  

Erza on Tech Support

Also making her post Gen Con debut is Sci-Fi Erza! Dave Hanlon’s Sci-Fi Erza is currently troubleshooting that biomechanical hand parasite that has spliced to her arm in an effort to cure the epidemic that has plagued her colony. Congratulations on painting your first photoresin model Dave! The tones and details on the miniature are incredibly vivid. We also love the custom base that gives us a small glimpse into Erza’s home planet.

A Dauntless Hero

Pierre-Antone Passet’s Percival stands intrepid facing the endless darkness. Accompanied by her fellow Black Knights, a small order of militaristic survivors, she hopes to spur an expedition to conquer the darkness. Pierre-Antone Passet does an extraordinary job, painting Percival to match Yasmine Putri’s original art. The hues of Percival’s shimmering sword are particularly stunning in the lantern light.

Convalescent Cleric

Stepping out of the Echoes of Death II line up is Robot Jones’ Cleric! With determined eyes that have seen countless gashes and traumas, she grips her club and lantern knowing the ferocity of the darkness. Aside from masterful paint as usual, Robot Jones has included some really excellent designs and components for this mini. The ripped tights, the different leather tones on the boots, the survivor bones on the base. Just like the Cleric, Robot Jones has displayed an expert analysis of KDM anatomy.


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