Kingdom Death at Gencon! Booth 3003!
KDU#84 - Gencon Booth 3003 

KDU#84 - Treasure Discovery! Gencon Booth 3003!

Hello from Indianapolis! The team is currently on the convention floor building our booth for our first Gencon since 2019! While checking our storage facility that has been sealed for the last 3 years, we discovered some old treasure that we haven't had in stock for quite some time!

Echoes of Death 1, 2, and an assortment of our White Box Miniatures! Sci-Fi Twilight Knight, Wet Nurse Pinup, and even some Fades and Percivals (that will be available as a bundle with a complete set)!

You can find us in our old spot, the darkest corner of Gencon (seriously no one else wants this location!) at Booth 3003 and 3009.

New Releases
We also have a host of new releases, including the triumphant return of our Gencon Sale Exclusive Sci-Fi range in the form of a beloved Kingdom Death character getting an all new Sci-Fi treatment! 

Gambler's Chest Expansion!!!
The Gambler's Chest Expansion is finally fulfilling! We will have copy of it on display in our booth! Please swing by and check out the most insane tabletop game expansion ever made! We will also be accepting pre-orders! 

I wanted to share maybe the first Gambler's Chest Unboxing that we saw online! Big thank you to Hunter for putting this together!

KDS Keys Available at Gencon!

The Dark Architects have been hard at work fixing bugs, improving performance and stability, and carefully transcribing our beloved assets specifically for the dwelling! The Dark Locksmith has been called upon once more to cut some additional keys, and they will be available at our booth at Gencon! 

New Features

  • Showdown Setups - Monster context menu now have showdown set-ups, so you can jump into a showdown immediately. This includes placement of terrain for each monster level, according to our game rules!
  • Expansion Management - Expansions can be unpacked and repacked into the core game box, allowing you to easily curate your play experience from campaign to campaign.
  • Stone Cloud - Save your settlement record sheet on the "Stone Cloud" which can be viewed online, edited, and printed out for physical gameplay sessions!
  • Improved Sheets - Better camera angles and some auto-complete features have been added to survivor and settlement record sheets.
  • Automatic Hunt Set-ups and Settlement Phase Set-ups are currently in development!!!
  • UX Version 2.0 currently in design and concepting stages. - Poots is taking some time to add his graphic design powers to the Sim and improve the default UX for interfacing with the game and its many assets.

Early Access
Just a quick reminder that the Dwelling is still very much in development and you may encounter unexpected behavior and quirks as the team diligently continues to improve and polish the experience to Kingdom Death standards. We have a long way to go and very much look forward to every project release! Thank you in advance for your support and patience! 


Do you need help? We want to help you. Please submit a ticket here:

Do not send us support messages thru kickstarter, twitter or instagram. 

Thank you!
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