Kingdom Death News! Scorching Summer
KDU#83 - Scorching Summer 

KDU#83 - Summer Scorchers

To celebrate the very special day of a dear friend, Lucy and Gunborg the Princess of Betrayal are sweating it out in the summer springs of Arclight. To make this day extra special, we’ve also completely remastered the classic Forsaker for the modern era. Stay scorching. 

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Community Spotlight:

We can’t wait to see you at Gencon! It’ll be our first trade show since 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited to meet you there. Friendly reminder that community members who happen to don Kingdom Death cosplay are very likely to be featured and tagged in the community spotlight. 

This month we’re showcasing a fiery fist, a sword savant, our favorite lagomorph, and an abundant celebration.  

Hard Left

Out of the ashes of a settlement consumed by a fuming foe a crab spider became a fiddler crab. That fiddler crab inspired a survivor to encase their swinging fist in armor. Gustavo Munoz’ Monk has a fist of of furious flames, the paint is a perfect reflection of Lokman Lam’s original art. Eyes detailed with determination, this monk locks in on its target as it readies a haymaker.


Willow is the most skilled swordmaster in generations of lantern years, the Hand (both canon and mandible) has taken a keen interest in this testing the talent of this prospect. Zel_lab’s paint is as refined as Willow’s lantern sword with its flawless lighting effects on her metal breastplate and boots. 

Got Any Eggs?

Lagomorph survivors are hasty survivors that steal and gobble up eggs. Lolowen is a particularly impatient survivor with a penchant for raw eggs. U/Leviathan’s gamer scale Lolowen leaning on her studded kanabo making subtle eye contact while playing with her longer left ear. Tight lines and elegant colors on this paint make her a treat to look back at.  

Fishing Under Fireworks

PHDAdd’s Twilight Knight is here to celebrate the first new moon of the year. Framed by a beautiful night sky littered by celebratory fireworks, the Twilight Knight is dressed in a traditional festival red dress with elegant floral art woven into the fabric. She wades in a splashing pool hoping to catch a tasty fish of abundance. 


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