KDU#94 - May Sale
KDU#94 - May 2024

KDU#94 - Escape the Cesspond

Elsbeth and Bjorn (flanked by a pair of unhinged Pariah busts) rush to escape the wet canine as it leaps out of the Cesspond. Joining them in the Kingdom Death storefront is the Inferno Snake Fighter, and Longclaw Lenore makes an indomitable return in painters scale. 

The door to the Dark Treasury swings open, and its contents are filled with kickstarter rewards. The Frogdog expansion (and more!) is now shipping to Dark Treasury testers and kickstarter backers worldwide!!


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Kickstarter Rewards on the Move

A new wave of kickstarter rewards is on the move. Frogdog expansion, Ultimate Showdown Board, Kickstarter exclusive shirts, Role Survivors, and Death Dice are shipping starting this week. Kickstarter backers that have successfully paid for shipping through backerkit or the brand new Dark Treasury alpha can anticipate shipping news in the coming days. Some swift packages have already reached their destination. Get ready to leap into victory!!

If you have questions about this wave of rewards, please reach out to support and we will be glad to assist you.

Kickstarter backers interested in joining the Dark Treasury for the next wave of rewards shipping can register here. We will reach out to backers after this wave of shipping is complete (Summer 2024).

Community Spotlight

Our community has blessed us with treats literal and metaphorical! This week we're featuring campaign party favors, a cheeky Lagomorph hunter, an icy osteophage, and a frenzied berserker of a bust. 

New Life Day!

All Pixel_stitcher’s brother wanted for his birthday was to campaign with friends on the Kingdom Death Simulator. But Pixel_Stitcher went all out for their brother, compiling an assortment of expansion themed goodie bags for them to enjoy while delivering death blows and rolling for straggler. The bounty featured clever interpretations of a myriad of Kingdom Death’s provisions. Included were a White Lion Bread Box, powdered Time Milk, homemade Crimson Candy Jars, Swedish Fish of Abundance, and some delicious skull and bones for all the Bone Eaters who might surprise you at your birthday party. Excellent work, and happy +1 Hunt XP!

Showing Back in Black

Firefist_Firefist has their Lolowen in her darkest finery. The artist absolutely nailed every detail of the skin tone, and we’re especially mesmerized by Lolowen’s lower back indentations. This Lagomorph hunter’s sly smile and winged eyeliner are enough to knock down even the most Stalwart survivor. 

Undressed to Impress

Standing tall with a living trophy slung over her shoulder, 's female BoneEater is a treat for the eyes. Each contracted muscle fiber is expertly blended into a stone skin tone canvas. Her icy skin contrasts with the soft warm flesh of her survivor victim. Vascular detail on the delts and quads add polish to this gorgeous paint. 

Furious Bust

A portfolio of strong works may be typical for an accomplished painter like PHDAdd but there is little about this painted Butcher Bust that is "typical". The two predominant textures, furious armor and bone/tusk, contrast brilliantly with one another. Meanwhile, the gold plate face and lantern light give the monster an overpowering pop! We absolutely gobsmacked!


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