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KDU#53 - Valentine's Day 2020 Sale
KDU#53 - Life is Like a Box of Resin

The month of love makes us take a longing look at the valuable relationships in our lives. This month, Team Death 🖤minis. We are so often focused on delivering content to our fans that we forget that our incredible team has love for the hobby. So we are pledging our affection to clippers, brushes, and glue. 

Feel the love with this month's sale that we packed with romantic miniature offerings.

Valentine's Day Sale!

Valentine's Day 2020 Releases

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We 🖤 Hobby Shops

We are thrilled to support the incredible shops that nurture the hobby-sphere. Recently, we had the pleasure of sponsoring a Paint and Take event organized by Source Comics & Games in Minnesota, USA. The wonderful staff at Source were joined by painting guru Scott from Miniac and tons of amazing hobbyists to put paint to KD minis. Thank you so much for sending us a recap of your event, heartwarming descriptions of families painting survivors together, and so many amazing photos of your painted survivors. It looks like a wonderful settlement flourishes in Minnesota!
Community Spotlight

We are positively infatuated by the paints and crafts erupting from our Kingdom Death online community! We can’t thank you enough for continuing to spread the love of paints and games to one another this Valentine's season. Here are but a few of the many miniatures that were the objects of our endless love and affection. 

If we missed your project, be sure to share it with us on the official KD Twitter account @kingdomdeath

Gadrocks the Mic

Dreadrock survivor and Gigalion hunter Gadrock has shed his Gorn for another noisier instrument: his voice! Irishwizz’s mic'd up Gadrock is ready to live up to his settlement’s name by amplifying their Song of the Brave throughout the overwhelming darkness. This modification has us singing the praises of its inventive painter. Irishwizz’s Gigalion better be prepared to be absolutely shook with an all-night anthem, moved to tears by a heartwrenching ballad, or even smacked in the femur by a mic stand bearing the club keyword. 

A Lantern for Your Lanterns

The fate of RPGranger’s survivors is not in their own hands, but instead tumbling through the abyssal chambers of this magnificent lantern dice tower with custom 3d printed KD themed base! We have insider information (reddit comments) that this beauty even glows! RPGranger can rest assured that no matter the outcome, from tragic to triumphant, from head explosion to straining neck explosion, those classic death dice will look absolutely styling coming out of that luminescent lantern. 
To Bare One’s Heart
Judging by the look this Dragon King’s Microwave Heart is either about to meltdown or is simply displaying some seen agony associated with Valentine's Day. FreepowerUG has upgraded their Dragon King by drilling holes in the serpent chest to wire the LED lights in the chest sphincter. But there’s a lot more than just lights that makes this DK a total heartthrob, check out the detail on model’s the cabled veins and the bone tones of the king’s mouth and horns. Really well executed. 
Pretty Flora for Giga Fauna 

Shoshie has amazed us yet again with a terrifying Gigalion. There’s so much to love about this paint job. The cool tones on the base bearing the precisely colored flora that contrasts beautifully with the warm hues of the Lion’s body. The bits of flesh and blood emanating from the beast’s victim that spread to the cat’s gigabicep. And how could we forget the glorious great golden mane. We're also including the rest of the Gigalion survivors from this painted set. Please never stop painting and sharing!

A Loving Display in Glass

If you were looking for a picture perfect paint to warm your heart this Valentines Day look no further than rollwill_minis Till Death Do Us Part snowglobe. The painter created a brilliant snow globe effect by installing artificial candles in the base and encasing the minis in glass! The globe intensifies an already amazing paint job. The collective glow emanating from the intrepid couples’ two lanterns is painted to perfection. The way they use light and shadow to capture the mood of the scene. Two lovers back to back armed only with crude stones and the warmth of one another facing endless perils on both sides. 

Stone Cold Killer Cat

Here at Kingdom Death we have spent countless Lantern Years fighting monsters of every shape and size unimaginable. Yet even after all those showdowns, little can match the terror of waking up nearly naked in the the darkness and facing down one of these. Jaepic’s smart cat is simply striking with its stone cold gaze, yet those petrifying eyes still glimmer with cunning and mischief. Excellent work with the coloring and tones on the model. May this lovely cat bring infinite thrills and kills. 


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