Kingdom Death News! - Happy Valentine's Day!
KDU#79 - February 2023 Sale!

KDU#79 - Heart Stopping Specials!

The season of love is upon us. With us to celebrate is Aya the Death Crown Inheritor, returning once again to steal your heart...or the Phoenix's heart rather. These two unique minis, one in gamer scale and another in painter scale, come with upgrades to the beloved time bird! A brand new resource that crafts a hearty bow and arrow set along with a secret new AI card. 

Also joining the festivities is the Lunar Twilight Knight, a special release to mark the Spring Festival. Finally, the Blushing Owl Armor makes its debut in photoresin, joined by some returning Valentine's Day favorites. 

February 2023 Releases

Winter Exclusives
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New Releases
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Monster Core Game
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Community Spotlight:

The first snowfall of the season has hit in Kingdom Death. We're staying indoors to avoid the slush! 

For this season of love we have a sugary Twilight Knight, a morbid citadel, a happy elf, and our friend the chef!

Pretty Pink Palette

Pandateka is celebrating sexy season the right way with a Valentine’s Day Pinup Twilight Knight bursting forth from a ruby pink chocolate cake. The artist displays a mastery of the entire spectrum of pink tones. The subtle differences in color from her hair and the cake are particularly lovely. Dripping with ruby icing, it’s a good thing our sword-wielding heroine doesn’t mind getting a little sticky. 

The Darkest Black Knight

Monstroys’ Black Knight and its posse of gothic squires have fashioned the entrance to their citadel as a giant skull. One can only imagine the scope of the giant that was slain in order to harvest an entryway fit for a titanic crown of thorns. The thorny earthtones on the Black Knight, flanked by ink-stained squires, make it uniquely terrifying.

Our Guy Cheffrey

As ardent foodies, the Chef is among Team Death’s favorite miniatures, so it’s no surprise that Cheffrey (Phillip Kommer’s Chef) won our hearts through our stomach. Chefs train from birth to study the collective pallate of the great game hunters they serve. These nobles become physically dependent on the customized nutrition provided by their individual chefs making them indispensable. You can tell Cheffrey has been hard at work from the splattered blood stains on his apron and his carver. Let him cook! 


It didn’t take long for Elgnirk the Choas Elf to make her Shoshie debut. It does not disappoint. Grinning wide while taking a ride, this nice and naughty elf looks fetching in her holiday red leotard and and spectacled tights. The details are so tight that you can see the glee gleaming from her eyes. Check out Shoshie’s headcanon on the alt text for a cheeky laugh. 


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