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KDU#59 - Halloween Sale
KDU#59 - Spooky Sale
The grin of pumpkins and the breeze of spider webs paint the houses around KD HQ. We're tucked away in our abodes, cooking up special treats with some practiced tricks while endless horror movies and candy help the process along the way.

We're excited to share a booming new Halloween figure, the Halloween Ringtail Vixen, as well as the illuminating Lantern Guard - Male, and the brutish Rayanor. Of course there's classic halloween fare to be found and a brand new shirt with the luck of the roll embellishing both sides.
Halloween Sale

Halloween 2020 Releases

New Release 
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Halloween Favorites
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Seasonal Selections
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Limited Supply
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

Community Spotlight

Autumn is the season of impending death. The ground is filled with lifeless leaves, and children become monsters for one night. This is just the time where Kingdom Death and its community thrive! Death is here so are we to celebrate your spooky and scintillating creations. This week we’re featuring a a boss for eternity, a high body count, a Hallow’s Eve classic, and some lovely lanterns. As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.

Team Meeting

No one welcomes the season of death quite like the Necromancer Boss! In addition to commanding an army of dead, malev_minis’ Necromancer Boss lords over several masked cultists! Perhaps these are students at the Black Citadel, or maybe they’re simply ranks of brainless servants. We’re mesmerized by the color emanating from this orb, a bright piece of power wielded by a darkly robed teacher. The artist does a masterful job of not only painting but staging a scene.
Harvest Season
To many, Autumn is associated not with death but with a bountiful harvest. For Blindman’s Manhunter, it’s both! Blindman celebrated the season (and the purchase of a lovely red lamp) by having his Manhunter absolutely decimate what looks to be the remains of an ill-fated Settlement Watch. Under the light of a blood moon, this crack shot is enjoying the fruits of a well-laid man trap. Terrifying work, especially the precise detailing on the fabric and skin.
Slime Time
We couldn’t celebrate the season without presenting a unique take on the Halloween White Speaker. CalaveraMinis does just that with this especially spooky paint. Our artist took the gurgling orange goo from Lokman Lam’s original box art and turned it a sickly slime green! An inspired choice that, along with the deep tones on the hair, cape, and pumpkin make this Hallow’s Eve model even more festive.
Street Festival

Lighting up a cobblestone street is cutthroatcure’s Pinup Lantern Festival. Maybe it’s just the perfect pop of color on her shoes but something about this mini really struck a chord. I think we’ve all experienced a great deal of isolation over the past year, and the image of this figure standing solitary in an empty street bearing two lanterns resonated a great deal. Something that bears the name Lantern Festival, alone in the darkness but standing as a beacon of light, a guide, a festival of one. The artist states that “each part just fell into place and felt so natural to paint.” Thank you for painting.


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