Kingdom Death News! - Spring Awakenings
KDU#43 - March 2019 Sale

KDU#43 - Watching for Spring

Kingdom Death is cautiously optimistic for the arrival of spring!

We're celebrating the sunshine with a crop of new and encore resin, seasonal dice, and our first straight-to-hard-plastic generic!

Lantern Guard lights the path for wayward survivors. A new addition for the Death High yearbook! The Generic Swashbuckler sets sail. Of course, spring brings a seasonal dice palette and the rebirth of some coveted resin encores! 

Echoes of Death return! In stock at our partner warehouses in the UK and US.

March 2019 Releases

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Monster Core Game
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Community Spotlight

Here at Kingdom Death, the first buds of Spring are just barely peeking out of the grim and barren foliage, but our vibrant community is in full bloom. Fix your gaze on a small sample of the vast bounty of color and creativity from our community. Keep up to date by following the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Logging Season

Twitter user @DystopiaMatt has treated us to a lovely sylvan scene as he documents his Lonely Tree showdown! Will their playgroup chop down the impenetrable trunk and harvest the fruits of their labor? Or will this crew of clear cutters succumb to the alluring arbor, and rot in the moving ground. 

Class is in Sesssion

Listen up class! Twitter user @GFFM could teach a clinic on painting minis. Check out this Death High homeroom, featuring our complete lineup of Death High characters. Terrific to see them all in one place in a rare moment when they’re not busy with their individual extra curriculums. Great work on the fine details on each piece of clothing and accessory. A+!
A Beetle and Its Ball

With the inclusion of the Resin Dung Ball, and the Baller itself, painting the Dung Beetle Knight can be a heavy load. But Christophe Fontaine (@AzMo974) powered forward and drummed up a beauty of a paint job. We love the subtle hues on the Century Carapace and Scarab Wings; the way Resin Ball and base match to contrast with the Knight itself makes this paint job a real slam dunk!

Do You Believe?

It’s already here! Emerging from the inky depths of the dark water is Reddit User ManuMiniatures’ Slenderman. Absolutely ensnaring from the silent boots to the faceless visage. Sickening detail on the slender breeches, and all other parts unknown. Despite the wishes of the Slenderman, we won’t be forgetting this paint job anytime soon.


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