Kingdom Death News! - Spring has Sprung!
KDU#68 - April 2022

KDU#68 - Big Spring Energy!

The thaw is on, and here at HQ we are doing our fair share of Spring Cleaning. Our Playtesters are back in the office rolling death dice and gathering data. We can't wait to get what they are playing into your hands! We have some old seasonal favorites this month as well as some fresh new faces to grace your hobby tables. 

We have upped our production amounts for this sale in response to your feedback and the overwhelming popularity of the Deathgrey Photoresin models. 

On the front of the Expansion reprints: You can expect backerkit to open sometime this month as we finalize production numbers and begin manufacturing. We are hoping for a fast turnaround on these items. We are excited to get the Classic Expansions of Death Vol.1 into the hands of all the new players that ordered 1.6.

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Community Spotlight


Hello and welcome to the just past Easter update! Here at Kingdom Death Headquarters, Spring absolutely refuses to spring and our dark hearts remain cold. So in lieu of decorative eggs, we’re sharing springtime paints from across social media. This week we have a squire’s friend, a summer storm, a monstrous cosplayer, and some winter royalty.



Old Friend

Between two cracked pillars is Januinevision’s Black Knight, a loyal guardian waiting amongst ruins for its faraway master. This armor-clad beast looks quite fetching despite the time-worn condition of its apparel. The detailing on the tattered chain mail hauberk and mauve-toned cape and scruff give this model exceptional texture.


Steaming Storm Knight

Out of the clouds steps Gjsailor’s Storm Knight. With the warm color of steam and water emitting from the model’s armor, it looks like the Knight is emerging from a summer storm. The neutral tones on the base do a fabulous job of making each color and hue of the knight itself stand out. A beautiful sight indeed. 



Happily Gobbled Up 

Halloween might be long past, but Simenmaler is still celebrating the spooky season with this fun and festive Screaming Antelope costume. Bright colors are abound from the mushrooms at the base to the pair of dead restless eyes above the maw. Normally survivors avoid being in between those giant stomach teeth at all costs, but this one, in particular, seems to be having a lovely time!

Ice Queen 

Hell froze over but its ruler is still Satan! Laurent Painting’s Halloween Satan to be more specific. This ice queen is sitting on a cool throne large enough to be a loveseat for her and … herself! Kingdom Death HQ has felt like a frozen hell this past week so it’s nice to see someone in the Kingdom Death family enjoying the weather. We love the little wintery details like the snow effect and those sleek icey gloves. A brilliant piece from top to bottom!

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