Kingdom Death News! - Holiday Sale!
KDU#77 - December 2022

KDU#77 - Happy Holidays!

The North Star shines its light on the plane of stone faces, illuminating the darkness just as it reaches its deepest wintery depths. The light of inspiration is felt even here in New York City, as we move forward printing new game content and preparing some special holiday treats for you all to enjoy!

This month we have an absolutely stacked sale for stocking stuffers, seasonal sensations, and superb supplements to upgrade your core game experience. All expansions and 1.6 core games are in stock, a few returning favorites make a jaunty reappearance, and some very special new releases are coming to town. Whether you've been naughty or nice, we can guarantee there's something here for you to hook your Claus into.

Happy Holidays!

Elgnirk, The Choas Elf


Novice - Resculpt.

Novice - Resculpt Painters Scale


Returning Holiday Favorites


Returning Holiday Favorites


December 2022 Sale and Releases

Core Game 1.6 Back in Stock
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New Festive Releases
Elgnirk, The Choas Elf - Read More
Novice Resculpt - Read More
Novice Painter's Scale - Read More

Holiday Favorites
Wendy the Frozen Star, Savior of Lifelight - Read More
Santa Satan - Read More
Xmas Special Pinup Twilight Knight - Read More
Winter Solstice Lucy - Read More
Winter Death Dice - Read More
Holiday Death Dice - Read More

1.6 Expansion Reprints
Expansions of Death Bundle - Read More
Gorm - Read More
Spidicules - Read More
Flower Knight - Read More
Dung Beetle Knight - Read More
Lion Knight - Read More
Lion God - Read More
Slenderman - Read More
Manhunter - Read More
Lonely Tree - Read More
Green Knight - Read More
Dragon King - Read More
SunStalker - Read More

Vignette of Death
Vignette of Death: White Gigalion - Read More


Kingdom Death: Simulator News

Our first news update for KDS! 

The Dark Architects have prioritized stability and bug fixing, so the in game Dwelling Key, Master Key Set and Founder's Stone Momento, have been pushed back for the time being. There has been so much excitement and so many things to fix since the Dwellings Doors have opened and people have started to play KD:M within it. I expect it to be a rocky and very fun ride!

Notes for the latest Release:
  • Added automatic showdown setup on the context menu of monsters.
  • Added the ability to split AI decks by grade.
  • Rulebook is now updated to version 1.6.
  • Fixed additional issues causing decks and cards to disappear or record sheets not survive soft room resets.
  • Cards now face the correct way when shuffling a deck.
  • Miniature cabinet has new lights.
  • UI now responds better to ultra wide resolutions.
  • Removed the vignette when focusing on the rulebook to improve readability.
  • Fixed incorrect card count on monster control panel when holding F1.
  • Fixed issues causing information on some record sheet fields not persist.
  • Fixed deformed text on some cards.
  • Picking up the Hunt/Settlement board no longer flips it to have the Hunt face up. Instead it keeps the current rotation.
  • When cards are stored on the storage set after a room reset, they are now stored as cards instead of single card dynamic decks.
  • Fixed UI size of some survivor labels not having correct size.
  • Improved resolution of game table.
  • Fixed graphical glitches of some miniatures.
  • Improved overall game performance.
  • Improved overall dynamic lighting.
In Development: Game Dwelling Keys
In Development : Game Version of Founder's Stone Momento.
Physical Dwelling Keys in Production!

Community Spotlight

The sun is setting at 4 pm, the GCE is printing, and Atnas is preparing to finally meet you all! This can only mean that the year is almost over. With us to ring in the new year is a hungry hairless cat, a beastly bird, a sleek scythe, and a good old-fashioned giant sword.

Naked Lunch

Burningadream took the Dark Tastemaker’s advice (rarely a wise choice) and turned their Naked Cat-Eater Knight into a naked cat! While hairless cats are typically sweet creatures and make for good pets, the same cannot be said for this hairless Cat-Eater Knight. This serrated sword wielding hunter stands over its perished feline prey. Terrific execution.


A Knight and Her Blade 

This Knight, of Echoes of Death 3 fame, has taken a solemn oath to her sword. And with the way Marc Lachance has painted her massive sword, who wouldn’t want to wed themselves to such a blade? The metallic sheen effect is a perfect compliment to the knight’s cloak, armor, and intrepid face. 


Mouths to Feed

Behold a wild Gryphon, the colossal Node 4 Quarry from the highest altitudes of the Inverted Mountain. This beast with two brains is tearing into some fresh bipedal prey, with another piece of meat added to the base scrambling to escape. Godspeed little guy! We’re loving the choices by Chistophe Fontaine, particularly the feathered collar and dark finger/toe talons. 



Gatekeeper Girl 

Serving at the pleasure of Grozharous the Pale Turnip King, Erza of Dedheim has a very important duty, preventing the deceased residents of Dedheim from spilling out into the land of the living. Shoshie’s Erza is an elegant example of brush mastery. The painter employs a slick lighting technique that contrasts nicely with the inky color palette and the markings on Erza’s Scythe of Doom add an exquisite edge. 

The State of Mail Delivery

Between the continued global pandemic and the holiday season, mail systems have been under an incredible strain. As always, we appreciate the patience of our customers and ask that you understand that delays are expected and normal. This also means that some orders are still making their way to customers from Black Friday.

The Kingdom Death team will also be on holiday break until the new year. Any HQ WAREHOUSE orders placed after December 23rd 2022 will begin shipping on January 7th 2023. 


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When will my order ship? 

Shipping has been severely impacted by the Covid19 Pandemic. Please expect a longer time for your parcels to arrive.

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally we pack and ship orders daily, however during new releases we estimate shipping delays up to 2 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!
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