Shameless Penny Blood Promotion!
Penny Blood - Final Hour!

Penny Blood - Final Hour!

Apologies for this bit of shameless promotion!

I have extremely fond memories of playing Shadow Hearts 2 in my youth, and when the team behind Penny Blood, its spiritual successor, reached out to me as Kingdom Death fans, I was pretty shocked!

We chatted up a storm about possibilities, about maybe including a KD:M monster in the game as a secret boss, doing a line of miniatures together, or even having some kinda partnership in the future once their new game is finished. To be honest, I was a bit star-struck and amazed. I wanted to jump in and help as much as possible! However…

With Gambler’s Chest heading to print, this isn’t the time for distractions. So we are helping in a way that won’t impact our timeline.

Our KD Art & Sculpting team have been busy chipping away on a sculpt for Matthew & Denma! This hard plastic hobby kit, which requires assembly, will include both a miniature version of the models (around 75mm to the top of Denma) and a "big-iture" version of the models (around 150mm to the top of Denma). It will also include a download code that will add a special man-hole cover weapon for Frankie to discover in the game!
The timing on this is not ideal and I sincerely apologize if this rubs anyone the wrong way. I just needed to throw my support behind a creator who has made games that I truly adore. I want Penny Blood to be awesome so I CAN PLAY IT!

Their campaign is in its final 80 minutes! Please check it out if you are so inclined. The kit we are working on is available through their kickstarter add-ons. And a big humble thank you in advance.

P.S. I will endeavor to make the model available for people who miss or are unable to pledge for it at this time. 
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