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KDU#69 - May 2022 - Apology

We are Sorry!

Yesterday we accidentally sent our newsletter out without proofreading it! This led to all the links we provided in our community spotlight to be incorrect. We apologize to the artists and gamers in this week’s community spotlight. We also apologize to the fans who were interested in learning more but found broken links instead.

Community Spotlight Credits:

(Cyclops Knight) Denis Gonnella.
(Male Visionary) Dark Elf Erin and sign up for Dark Elf Dare.
(Pinup Kingsman) PJPaintsMinis.
(Phoenix on Lonely Tree) Matt Mercer and Brennan Lee Mulligan can be found at Critical Role and Dimension 20.

Additional Astri - Painters Scale
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Being the first of its kind, we were unsure how many of these to produce and have been notified by the community that our initial inventory fell short of meeting demand. We have added additional units to the store and will continue to produce them through the week to meet demand. Thank you.


Community Spotlight

Things are heating up at Kingdom Death HQ and our wonderful community of artists and gamers! This month we have a smoldering selection of paints and scenes to display: an armed artisan, a perched Phoenix, a sweetly silent familiar face, and a bootylicious Visionary.

Expert in Armor

Denis Gonnella shows off his expertise by painting the most expert artisan of them all, the Cyclops Knight. Vassals wait in an endless queue to offer their extravagant tributes in exchange for the chance to acquire one of the Cyclops Knight’s armaments. This Cyclops Knight displays the craft of painting, the way the cool hues of its armor contrasts with the heat of the Knight’s fabric and single eye, or the shimmering light emanating from the anvil on the armor. Magnificent.

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Male Visionary on Theme

Every month Dark Elf Erin hosts the #darkelfdare, a monthly mini painting/diorama competition that’s open to all! The first place trophy? An on-theme piece by Dark Elf Erin or a special guest artist. This month’s theme is booty, and this month’s trophy is a pretty Pinup-Male Visionary under a brilliant botanical homemade arch made of resin, cork, and foam! Could this be the place where this visionary finds his relic? A fitting prize for first place. We can’t wait to see the winner!

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Chill Kingsman to Study With 

While listening to some chilled-out synthwave, Pjpaintminis brought this adorable Pinup Kingsman to life with gilded armor and armaments. Her demure expression and wandering eyes come through with color. We’re thrilled that you enjoyed your synthwave session painting session PJ. Though we do have it on good authority that the Pinup Kingsman prefers her music to be silent.

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Phoenix on a Lonely Tree

Attention! Two mad lads appear to have successfully materialized a Phoenix on top of a Lonely Tree. These folks are professionals, so we wouldn’t suggest trying this at home unless you’re open to the possibility of losing a Phoenix hand or three. We also couldn’t help but notice how handsomely painted these two monsters are. Here’s hoping you both finished your Phoenix showdown the normal amount of older. Thanks to Matthew Mercer of Critical Role and Brennan Lee Mulligan of Dimension 20 for visiting Kingdom Death!

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