Kingdom Death News! - March 2023
KDU#80 - March 2023 Sale!

KDU#80 - New Minis Abound!

Our rainy winter is receding and we’re quickly emerging from our hovels to assuage our Vitamin D deficiencies. We’re excited to bring a bevy of new minis into the newfound springtime light! Vitanvox is suited up with Viper Banshee Armor, the Stone Wrecker has commandeered a new type of bludgeon, and Skrelle is planting a tree. A new Godhand tee is also in the webstore for all of you who like to wear shirts. 

We're also thrilled to present the first of a brand new series of painters scale models selected by the winners of our Pinups of Death Painting Contest 2022, the Pinup Nightmare Ram requested by Turgza! If you participated in the Pinups of Death Painting Contest 2022 and have not yet received your King's Coin, we are hard at work minting new Coins in the Dark Treasury. As of now, 153 Coins have made it out to their chosen owners, with another 50 on the horizon.

March 2023 Releases

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New Releases
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Monster Core Game
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Community Spotlight:

The content from the community is as bounteous as a Spidicules' legs are long. 

This week we have a nefarious arachnid looming over an omnivorous feast, a side eyed bust, a jacked and stacked starter, and a lesson on light and color.

Mushroom Hunting

BGG user Steve has upgraded his upside-down cup with face and legs drawn on it to a fully colored Spidicules! And a very handsome one at that. Our artist modified the sprue by having the eight-legged fiend perched atop a beautiful mushroom. Survivors can even fit under the unfortunate fungi in order to score hits on the arachnid’s blindspot. 

Lion's Skin 

Busts are designed to magnify the dynamic details of the sculpt. These details are done sweet justice with Toppulous’ White Lion bust! It is a masterful display of painting skin onto resin. The light and shadow effects on the torso and chest with the subtle blush on the cheek complete the side-eye she’s serving. 

Born Furious

From the very beginning Barbarian Lucy chose to struggle. Her first memory is a nightmare, one where she struggled to free herself from the soft hands that broke her fall. Lucy’s furious disposition is evident in u/leviathan’s Barbarian Lucy, from her robust muscle striations to her steely eyes. Impeccable detail everywhere. I pity the monster standing at the other end of that axe attempting to make Barbarian Lucy their next meal. 

Knight in Light

In this video tutorial, Witness My Minis shows you how he uses the gamut masking technique from James Gurney’s book Color and Light to enhance the atmosphere on his patron’s Knight from Echoes of Death 3. The contrasting colors and values help make the desired aspects of this knight pop through while selecting only paints from a specified gamut helps to ensure the piece is cohesive. Always fun to see. Click the video to learn more! 

Pinups of Death 2022 Contest Winner's Case
Finally, we have a small glimpse of the prizing that the 1st place winners of the Pinups of Death 2022 Contest will be receiving in the near future. Thank you to all of the members of our community for participating, and congratulations once again to our winners for their breathtaking work!


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