Kingdom Death News! - August Sale
KDU#57 - August Sale
KDU#57 - No Con 2020
Normally now we'd be in a post Gen Con splendor: sharing stories of bravery rewarded with high rolls on a new monster demo. We miss the opportunity to talk with everyone, but hopefully this means the next Gen Con will be even better!

We have been putting work into the Kingdom Death website. It may not look drastically different but the guts are brand new! With these incredible changes, we will have an easier time making updates. There, you can find a wonderful new living glossary (that can live with greater ease) and more to come as we continue to improve on it!

Some exciting sculpts have made their way into the sale this month. The Peasant Hero is a figure that pushed the skills of our engineering and sculpting team to make one of our favorite models of recent memory. To go along with her, we've also got the Temple Explorer and a brand new shirt depicting KD's joyfully sadistic Pariah. There are some encores in the mix too!
August Sale

August 2020 Releases

New Releases
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Resin Encores
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Seasonal Releases
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Community Spotlight

Storms and showers have given us a very wet August. But our focus remains sharp through the raindrops overhead to the whirlpools below. With resin on our brains, our heart remains fixated on the painting in our community that pours with creativity. This week we have two Knights from different dimensions, a long awaited gardener, and a striking conversion! As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.

Order in Outer Space

Think_Ara’s Sci-Fi Twilight Knight has us over the moon, and possibly to another dimension, with this magnificent Sci-Fi Twilight Knight. Staged atop a superbly sci-fi base, this cyborg styled Knight is primed to protect survivor knowledge across the galaxy. The contrasting colors on this model are picture perfect from the cape, to the boots and blade. Well done!
Produced to Perfection
In the domain of the Golden Entity, grinding industry churns continuously to mass produce the perfect military. The White Knights are their rank and file, and CalveraMinis’ White Knight is so beautiful that even a Grand Mother would blush. With majestic golden trim and a pop of royal fabric, this great gleaming soldier looks like it is fresh out of a molten pool of god metal!
A King in its Garden
Grad Student Painter’s King is so layered and mesmerizing with an astounding combination of intricacy and beauty. Wrapped in technicolored robes and adorned with precious metals, this is a different kind of King. One who presides over a glorious garden. From the painter “Any who linger too long in the King's garden are quickly driven to an inescapable insanity, and can only speak in garbled tongues.”
JoeStorm's Bizarre Conversion

Brought to us by Psychotherapaintist, we’re absolutely tickled by this Old Joe + Storm Knight miniature conversion! It looks like our guy Joe has traded in his Cloth and Bone Club for an electrified suit of armor shrouded in clouds. While we have no plans to implement this change into the official canon, we love to see this Storm Joe model clenching his jaw through showdowns of all kinds. But let’s not let this novel conversion distract from the skillful color contrasts of this model from the armor to electric clouds.


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