KDU#92 - Black Spring
KDU#92 - March 2024

KDU#92 - Black Spring

This month marks a return to form with the release of the Black Knight nemesis expansion. The Black Knight is a node 3 nemesis monster, the highest tier of monster to menace a settlement. It lives up to the task with an expansion that transports your survivors to an unfamiliar, chaotic citadel brimming with dangers. The expansion also features a campaign all about the hidden squires of the citadel.
As for our single releases, a grim battle with the Gorm produces a new Indomitable Survivor with a familiar face, a new painter's scale Sunstalker Dancer along with the much anticipated return of the Sunstalker Dancer Bust, and a Valentine's Morgan too busy gazing at her own reflection to arrive on time. Black Knight themed accessories and a Black Knight community celebration below!!

March 2024 Releases

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Kingdom Death Simulator - 03/24 Update

The Dark Architects are ever busy, adding features to the sim while battling the Dwelling for online stability! This month, they have added new quality of life upgrades, a new indomitable survivor, Gusk Knives Grimmory, and blind spot support to all indomitable survivors!
Community Spotlight

The guardian of the citadel is finally getting its chance to smash survivors across the globe. To celebrate, this month’s community spotlight is Black Knight themed! Thank you to all the content creators out there who shared their paints and unboxings! 

Our Guy

Owen the Squire has become a fan favorite in both the community and the Team Death offices. All this to say we were very pleased to see Texred’s painted Owen looking positively fresh in the wild. This particular Owen looks like he’s about to sneak into a Mountain Lion’s blindspot brandishing a black guard knife. The height of the base make Owen seem extra stealthy by making him seem lower to the ground. We look forward to seeing more painted renditions of the most honest squire from the community in the future!

Feral Guardian

We’ve been treated to Black Knight paints for a while, but now the model has been updated to match our current scaling. Vegadin’s Seasoned Duelist is looking spry in its suit of chainmail and cloak with handsome accents to match its preference. We love hearing all your tales of fighting this beast of a swordsman. Let us know if you've managed to raid its vault or help it break the bounce record!

Black Knight Round Up

A Warm Awful Feeling manages to touch upon nearly every component of the Black Knight expansion in this slick (and spoiler filled) unboxing. Sewing together patches of lore from various Kickstarter updates to neatly present what has been previewed of the expansion so far, she brilliantly sets the scene for the 5 Year or more traditional People of Dreamkeeper/Lantern campaigns. As a bonus, the now wizened resin version of the Black Knight is also shown in exquisite color, painted by the massively talented Aegis_Arising

Denizens of the Citadel

Obscurities in Miniatures’ unboxing goes in depth on the plastic included in the Black Knight expansion. This is an excellent review of the features and quirks of the sprues as well as a discussion into how our minis have evolved over the years. 

Workshop Deep Dive

If you have an appetite for bigger spoilers, Board Games for Two has a lovely review of each piece of game content in the Black Knight Expansion. Thank you kindly for this unboxing, we’re looking forward to seeing what you think once your table becomes a citadel!


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