Kingdom Death News! - September 2022
KDU#73 - September 2022

KDU#73 - Autumnal Announcements

As the leaves cling to their branches and the wind begins to bluster, we too hold on to our memories of summer here in New York City. Like us, the Summer Goth Twilight Knight enjoys the final days of warmth in the sun. Parasol and Survival Spear in hand, Allison and Aya don their hardened expressions as they prepare to face Autumn.

Like them, we are gearing up for a busy season and a stellar Black Friday. But we still have some Fall fun queued up ahead of that, and we're excited to share it with you! This month we have some new releases for your back-to-school days, a shrimpy shirt with everyone's favorite peaceful performers, two hand-poured resin encores, and more! Keep reading for a full list of our available products.

We are still reviewing submissions for the Pinup Painting contest as well, and are extending our submission deadline to Halloween, so there is still time to enter. Stay tuned for more info about our winners and whether a shiny King's Coin is heading your way!

Last Call on Expansion Pre Orders!

We will be closing the pre-orders on our reprint of our existing expansion, end of day monday October 3rd. Currently the expansions are on freight ships headed to fulfillment centers around the world and with a little luck, wiill be landing softly in 3-4 weeks ready to be shipped out. If you haven't gotten a chance to pre-orders any of our existing expansions, you may do so now here.

Thank you!

New Releases
Summer Aya

Summer Goth Twilight Knight

Death High Erza

Painter's Scale Aya

Performing Artists T-Shirt

Encore Releases



Summer & Fall Death Dice

September 2022 Sale and Releases

Core Game 1.6 in Stock!
Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 - Read More

New Releases
Death High Erza - Read More
Summer Aya - Read More
Summer Goth Twilight Knight - Read More
Lantern Aya (Painter's Scale) - Read More

Performing Artists T-Shirt - Read More

Encore Resin Releases
Libra - Read More
Lune - Read More

Upgrade to 1.6! Card Packs On Sale NOW!
Legendary Card Pack - Read More

Seasonal Selections
Summer Death Dice - Read More
Fall Death Dice - Read More

Community Spotlight

As you may have read above, we are extending the deadline for the pin-up painting contest! The new due date is Halloween, which should be fairly easy to remember. So if you’re crunched on time but still wanna show off some skin (tones), you’ll have a few more weeks left to get those pin-ups in place. In the meantime, we’re back to spotlighting some non-pinup paints the community has so graciously offered up on various social media platforms. This week we have a suited-up twilight knight, a flaming fist, a metallurgic showcase, and a worthy sacrifice.

Allison’s New Clothes

Bruce Yee brings new color and life to one of our oldest white box minis, Allison the Twilight Knight. Allison was revealed in Kingdom Death’s 1.0 Kickstarter campaign. The artist has her handsomely clad in a warmly painted armor and cloak. Elegant!

Fluorescent Fist

Erik_swenson looked to use Echoes of Death 3’s Monk to show off their new light orange fluorescent pigment. The results are fire! This monk looks ready to thwack any opponent with her ember-charged fist and flaming foot. The definition on the monk’s deltoid and detailing on the cloth also makes this paint job pop.

Scissor Showcase

The Elder Scissor Knight spends its time dredging up corpses seeking a cure for its cranial itching. Toppulous’ Elder Scissor Knight is a showcase of how to color metals. We dig the subtle lighting effects on the cool marine plating, the contrast between the plating and dual-toned scissors. The earthy base also grounds the model nicely.

Volcanic Sacrifice

I know we said we weren’t going to feature pinups on here, but this one is sooo good and was entered into a different competition anyway so we’re going to talk about it. Min/Max Minis achieved this stand-out skintone by mixing a whole host of paints. The skin makes the Sacrifice look like she was born from the volcanic rock that forms her sacrificial altar. Terrific choices, particularly the skin tone, stockings, and that elegant gold trim.

When will my order ship? 

Shipping has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please expect a longer time for your parcels to arrive.

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally, we pack and ship orders daily, however, during new releases we estimate shipping delays of 2 to 4 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!

The State of Mail Delivery

Due to the continued global pandemic, mail systems have been under an incredible strain. As always, we appreciate the patience of our customers and ask that you understand that delays are expected and normal. 



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