Kingdom Death kickstarter Dark Treasury early access
Dark Treasury early access May 2024

Welcome to the Dark Treasury


We are so happy and grateful that you have opted to help us launch and refine the Dark Treasury. We are writing to inform you that your submission to join the Dark Treasury roll out has been accepted.


The records of your rewards have transported to the Dark Treasury. Once the physical rewards land in their regional warehouses we will invite you to open your Account of Death and try its initial features. 


We will provide a step by step guide to access your Account of Death and describe the first round of features. In addition we will provide several lines of communication. Choose your preferred method and get in touch with your Dark Treasury feedback. We are so excited to bring our backers new tools and conveniences. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


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Please look forward to our next communication by the end of the month.



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Thank you!
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