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KDU#44 - April 2019 Sale

KDU#44 - Blossoms and Bunnies

A new month with new releases, seasonal miniature updates, and encores. 
It feels like fans and hobbyists are shaking off the gloom of winter. We're seeing so many amazing Kingdom Death figures online exploding with color and exuberantly painted! We are inspired by your creativity! Let the news begin!

This month we have exciting new resin and hard plastic releases. A Generic Estate Hero, a seasonal Easter Aya hard plastic kit, the Pinup Easter Twilight Knight picks up a promo Gibbering Haremite vermin, and some deep cut encores! 

April 2019 Releases

Easter Exclusives
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Easter Pinup Twilight Knight Read More

Easter Death DiceRead More

New Releases
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Death High - Miko - Read More

Archivist - Read More
White Knight - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

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Community Spotlight

After moving several spaces away from us on the showdown board, the monster known as Spring time has finally ambushed the offices of Kingdom Death just in time for Easter! We’ve unsealed our winter tomb to spread the good news! And a basketful of bright community content. Keep up to date by following the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Sweet Tooth!

Valentine's Day might have past, but @GFFM’s Valentine’s Day Twilight Knight is still giving us spring fever. Indulge in the subtle contrasts of the sticky frosting to the flesh tones of her skin.

Fade to Black

We were extraordinarily impressed by @I_Heart_Poots's Fade paint job. @I_Heart_Poots stayed true to the art in their impeccable rendering of our friend on the lam, Fade. Clutching the stolen Sword of Silence in her left hand and a Newborn in the right, the disgraced White Speaker stares defiantly into the distance. The side by side comparison to the original art showcases the mastery of the painter.

A Walk in the Woods

It appears that @DystopiaMatt and his playgroup have succumbed to Flower Addiction, venturing into the Heart of the Woods to face a fey foe. Gorgeous paints on the survivors and Flower Knight itself, especially the striking floral contrasts on the gardener beyond the Forest Gate. Hope everyone enjoyed the showdown; we hear the Abyssal Woods are lovely this time of year.

In Bloom

Behold! The majestic Flower Knight has ventured from the Abyssal Woods to entrance the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay with its otherworldly presence. Disarmingly beautiful from the Fey Helm Wings to the blooming petals on the hilt of the Flower Sword. Check out @muddywaterscosplay on Instagram for some information on how she made the Fey Breeches and sabatons. Many thanks @nfern0 on Twitter for alerting us to this ghostly beauty.

Hop to It
@Shoshie’s Easter Twilight Knight paint job is just in time for the festivities! Love how the lantern light reflects off the skin of the Twilight Knight. Those little eggs on the base look like they could have sweet chicks nestled in them, too bad they’re filled with Gibbering Haremites instead! Hopefully Shoshie’s Twilight Knight has the good sense to consume those little fellas before the multiply like … Haremites.
Strains in Accordance
From the distant melodies of another time come @ManuMiniature’s Echoes of Death quartet. The uniformity of the color palette from the skin to the fabric to the weapons mesmerizing. Although the four are colored with matching hues and tones, each survivor is painted to reflect their own distinct strain and identity.


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