Kingdom Death News! - Black Friday 2021
KDU#65 - Black Friday 2021

KDU#65 Gambler's Chest Expansion Development (almost) Finished!

In our July 2021 Newsletter, I shared our intent of getting the Gambler's Chest Expansion off to print in October, and announced a pause in sales until its development was finished. After some intense meetings with several print vendors, there was no printing solution that would have allowed us to begin printing before factories closed for Chinese New Year. So I adjusted our plan to begin printing once factories reopen after Chinese New Year. This gave us additional time to create the best experience possible and keep my promise that development would be finished this year.

I am pleased to announce that GCE development is (almost) finished and I am lifting our self-imposed sale embargo. That means that... it's Halloween in November! A new group of Halloween Survivors departs into the darkness. New minis arrive and old holiday favorites return.

After the longest manufacturing and print cycle I've ever seen, I am pleased to share the following news:
  • Legendary Card Packs are finally shipping in the UK and EU!
  • Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 Core Game Preorders are shipping in the US and Canada (UK, EU, ROW to follow).
While Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 is fulfilling, we are accepting a final round of pre-orders!
Pre-Order the 1.6 Core Game Here!

Please note that after this sale, the price for the Core Game will go up to $420, and prices will be adjusted across the Kingdom Death product range. Factors at every link of the global supply chain have ballooned everything from freight shipping, to paper availability. Core Game preorders are shipping now, so this will be the last opportunity to pick up Kingdom Death: Monster before its price increases.

Black Friday Kickstarter Update

For more details about the Gambler's Chest Expansion and its new timeline, please check our Black Friday 2021 kickstarter update.

For those observing, have a wonderful holiday!


Black Friday 2021 Sale and Releases

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Black Friday Discounts
Many items on the store are available at 50% off!

Through Monday (11/29), backer pledges and new preorders are open for the rest of Wave 3 (parts 2&3) and Wave 4 content.

Existing backers: Add Wave 3 (parts 2&3) and Wave 4 items to your pledge responsibly. You have received a separate email from backerkit with your unique link to reopen your pledge. 

Preorder store for new fans: Jump on board the Wave 3 (parts 2&3) and Wave 4 kickstarter content by pre-ordering at exclusive backer prices this weekend only. 

The Original - Golden King's Coin

Originally created as a unique twist on the pandemic lockdown gift card trend, the King's Coin promised its holders the ability to shop for Kingdom Death miniatures before a sale went live. After a reasonable outcry from fans, the Hand collected all of these coins, refunding the fans that had chosen to partake in its glory. And while the Hand had most of them melted down, ushering in the creation of the Deathgrey Resin King's Coins (a physical coin promised as a reward to participants in Kingdom Death events) - the all-knowing entity saved just enough to make yet another offering from the King's treasury. Here, in all its digital glory, is the original Golden King's Coin.

While this unique collectible will not bestow its owner any powers of sale precognition or purchase priority, the holder of this coin will be granted 1 additional option. A powerful and strange way to influence all of our futures. They may, if they so choose, send it to the Dark Banker who has promised to melt it down and add just a tiny sliver of it into a new digital crypto currency focused on fostering the hobby around Kingdom Death. A Dark Paper will be drafted and the majority of the money raised from this coin's sale will be used to back the new currency. Of course, they can always keep it for themselves as a singular piece of Kingdom Death history.

Who knows how this will all play out!

Available on OpenSea



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