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KDU#41 - January 2019 Sale

KDU#41 - New Year, New Minis

Happy New Year to players, backers, and all survivors of Kingdom Death! We at KD HQ have hit the new year refreshed and full steam ahead on the collective toil of designing monsters, rolling dice, and producing amazing content for Wave 3 of our kickstarter.


We’ve got fresh resins for the first sale of the year!

January 2019 Releases

Seasonal Exclusives
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Monster Core Game
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Community Spotlight

As always, we are overwhelmed by the talent and creativity of our players, and this holiday season did not disappoint. It might be bitter cold outside, but our dark hearts were warmed by the generous bounty of fan made content. So come join us by the fire, and take a gander at some of the projects that reached us through the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Satan Comes Baring Gifts

@iswaaFSS has definitely made Atnas’ list with this fabulously festive interpretation of the Halloween Devil Satan. It looks like our favorite fiend was swept up in the holiday spirit, and couldn’t wait one more minute to don her Atnas get up atop a small horde of shiny new stocking stuffers. A slick holiday crossover that we won’t forget anytime soon.

Three Knights

@adam_b_francis has depicted a lively knighttime party of his own with this beautiful tableau of Kingdom Death’s three current in-game Knights. We were struck by the precision and subtly of the shades and colors employed in this paint job. The Lion Knight has characteristically take center stage, while the Flower Knight seems happy to let its beauty speak for itself, and the stinky DBK is content with its ball. The hideously masked survivors under the Lion Knight are also a nice touch. @adam_b_francis has certainly earned his badge.
Book 'em Boys

Check out @robot_jones’ Detective Twilight Knight! Twilight Revolver and Sword in hand, she looks simply dazzling. The hues of steely blue blend perfectly with the metallic shades in her stockings and cap.

Alluring Ancient

Twitter user @strewart was curious about the survivor caught in the Ancient Gorm’s Mammoth Maw. So we’d like to provide some clarity while highlighting their exceptional Ancient Gorm paint job. During the Story Event ‘Final March’, a departing survivor is nominated to be the Ancient Gorm’s Bait. While the other survivors make a ‘Timid Entrance’, the Ancient Gorm’s Bait is ‘Digested’ and wriggles through the Gorm’s papery gut.


Additionally, thank you kindly for sharing your Ancient Gorm! After centuries of marching through the Gormyard, the Ancient Gorm’s cheeks have wearily sagged from age and exposure. Once small and stubby, it’s now ancient tusks have grown long and wide to fit its massive frame. @strewart has not only taken the liberty to include the Gorm’s Bait, but also the huge sharp bones that lay upright among the skulls of survivors in the Gormyard.

Ready Your Retinues

Our keen senses were pricked by Brant Benoit’s of Ghoolsworld’s take on the Watcher. Cloaked in robes of regal purple, the timeless Watcher silently floats over a base of survivor skulls that have aged in the sickly yellow of its lantern light. The subtle detail, particularly the azure blue of the Watcher’s tentacled crown of stone faces perfectly punctuate @ghoolsworld’s new take on a classic. Congratulations Brant, your Watcher has not only stolen our dreams, but also our hearts.


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