Kingdom Death News! - Holiday Sale and so long 2018
KDU#40 - Holiday Sale
KDU#40 - Holiday Sale and the End of 2018

Kingdom Death is grateful for an exciting and productive 2018. We're exceptionally thankful to our fans and customers and we're excited to keep offering our very best to you in 2019!!

We hope your holiday season is filled with quality hobby and game time. The same wish we have for our own team. Happy New Year to you all!!

Without further ado we have one last sale of 2018.

Please note items will be shipping in the new year since Team Death is taking a well-deserved break. This also means that absolutely no adjustments can be made to orders once they've been made. Orders are expected to start shipping January 8th, 2019!!

Holiday Store Sale!

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Please be aware: orders cannot ship from multiple warehouses. Australia regional warehouses DO NOT ship outside their region. Expansion orders cannot be combined with items from HQ warehouse.

Community Spotlight

As if inspired by the cold dark, the Kingdom Death community continues cranking out sinister designs! Daily we’re bombarded with ever more amazing paint jobs or elaborate accessories. Just take a look at a few of our recent favorites! If we missed your project, be sure to share it with us on the official KD Twitter account @kingdomdeath

Solstice Tree

They’re still thinking of Fall over at Dicey Studio, where they’ve posted a tumorous take on the Nightmare Tree. It’s a fantastically detailed paint job, with leaves just starting to drift toward Autumn shades and fleshy fruit ready to drop. Love how they captured the natural workings of the unnatural!

Picture Perfect

While we’re always dazzled by the community’s creative paint jobs there’s something to be said for fidelity to an original. That’s exactly what blows us away about Aphex Painting Studio’s‏ (@jerre_jv ) picture perfect Sunstalker. Honestly, it took us more than a moment to figure out what was the model and what was the original art—exactly as intended. Way to focus on the details!
A Joyous Celebration
Artist Joe Cook (@joboyogi) gives us a glimpse of something lurking in the dark. Their take on Devil Satan features glow-in-the-dark paints illuminating the lanterns and diabolical jack-o-lantern grins. It’s a frightful reminder of why you should always carry a lantern!
Pieces Prison

Tired of keeping track of every die and token, Carlos Javier González Oseguera (@CarlosJ87857436) created a stylish solution—just take a look at their deluxe dice tray/token holder combo! It really looks like they’ve thought of everything here, with spots for tokens of every shape and size. Way to take control of those sprawling sessions!

Bound in Flesh

Looking for a way to keep all your Kingdom Death cards organized? Try using meat! Over on the Kingdom Death Reddit, user arod42 shares their gorgeous leather clad three-ring card binder. It’s absolutely gorgeous workmanship, complete with a beautifully stitched lantern design. Jaw-dropping work!


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When will my order ship? 

Please note items will be shipping in the new year since team death is taking a well-deserved break. Orders are expected to start shipping January 8th, 2019!!

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally we pack and ship orders daily, however during new releases we estimate shipping delays up to 2 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!
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