Kingdom Death News! - Summer Sale and the Road to Gen Con
KDU#46 - July 2019 Sale

KDU#46 - The Road to Gen Con

Summer is in full swing here at KD HQ and that means Gen Con is on the horizon! We've got some new things in the works that we're very excited to show off at Gen Con and can't wait to see all of you.

While we pack our bags and prepare for the trip, we have put together a sale that introduces a Hospitalar, a Strider Princess, and the best book keeper in Death High, the Archivist. There's vibrant dice that would match perfectly with some Monster on the beach and old favorites such as the Necromancer Boss, Ammo Slave, White Speaker Boss, and Infant Sunstalker.

Gen Con 2019

This marks our 5th(!) year at Gen Con. Every year is better than the last and this will be no different. You will be able to find us in our usual booth spaces 3003 & 3009 located in the darkest corner of the convention hall.

Independence Day

Please note the Kingdom Death Headquarters will be closed for July 4th weekend. Expect orders to begin processing and shipping the following week. Thank you.

July 2019 Releases

New Releases
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Summer Specials
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Necromancer Boss - Read More
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Sunstalker Infant - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

Please be aware: orders cannot ship from multiple warehouses. Canada and Australia regional warehouses DO NOT ship outside their region. Expansion and Whitebox orders cannot be combined with items from HQ warehouse.

Community Spotlight

Here at Kingdom Death we’re in the midst of a heat wave! We’ve removed all our fur armor from our gear grids in favor of cloth, and departing from the office has become far less enticing since we innovated air conditioning. Our community has also been running hot. Never ones to succumb to a summer stupor, they’re bursting forth with vibrant paints and cosplays all across the plain of faces that we call social media! Thanks to all of those who’ve tagged us in their projects, paints and game nights on the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Seein' Red

Rabid Dog Studios’ sinister Spidicules looks even more nightmarish on that stark white background! The bloody dismembered stalk puppet on the monster’s lure is a horrifying contrast to the cold grinning gaze of Spidicules. We are absolutely taken by the bloody entrails protruding from the stalk puppets’ severed legs. We’ll definitely keep an ear out tonight for a laugh like dried leaves blowing over ground.

A Fresh Cut

If something or someone is somehow able to survive a slice from the Scissor Knight’s infected blade they are cursed with horrifying mutations. Judging from the blood stains on CHK Studios’ Scissor Knight that perfectly resemble the width of a survivor’s head, we doubt its victim lived long enough to endure such terrible Cess Pond mutations. This paint job is stellar, with exquisite tones on the armor, base, and blades.

A Hero in the Wilderness

It seems that heroic savior Aranel has departed far from her settlement and encountered lava fields on her hunt! Let’s hope she’s blessed with the luck of Lucernae and slays her quarry in a flurry of critical wounds. This a tremendous cosplay with meticulous detail from top to bottom! From the dagger, to the staff, to the scarf, to the perfectly cut cloth! Aranel looks fresh out of the domain of the Ethereal Dreamer.

Soaring Grand Mother
Behold! Mizhugi Wanohito’s Grand Mother is particularly angelic in front of the soft cloud like background. The unique base of craggy rocks and skeletons offers a bit of grim contrast. A unique take on the model as it marvels at an added skull. Excellent detail, particularly on the painted hues of armor and divine wings. The stupefied gut plate that braces her churning womb of creation is a perfect focal point for this grand model.


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