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KDU#45 - May 2019 Sale

KDU#45 - Welcome to Death High 

As the school year draws closer to the end, we are featuring a nearly complete Death High shop takeover led by the release of the Death High Visionary.

What is Death High? Death High miniatures are entirely engineered and physically produced at KD HQ! The figures are uniquely 3D printed in photoresin, a charmingly orange-y material that maintains stunning fidelity and allows more freedom in the models' design. The range has given us the opportunity to constantly push our limits.

If you've already got your diploma, we have a brand new generic resin release, the Bullet Dancer, as well as encore releases of the Azure Knight and Royal Chambermaid.

Kickstarter 1.5 

Thank you everyone for your continued patience. Please look forward to a large update in August. Until then, it's best for us to remain in silent crunch mode, with our cards (and surprises) held tightly to our chests! The team greatly appreciates your understanding and trust that we are dedicated to creating the best possible content for Monster. Thank you again.

May 2019 Releases

New Releases
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Welcome to Death High
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 - Read More
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Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

Please be aware: orders cannot ship from multiple warehouses. Canada and Australia regional warehouses DO NOT ship outside their region. Expansion and Whitebox orders cannot be combined with items from HQ warehouse.

Community Spotlight

The days are longer and brighter! But here at Kingdom Death, we’ve been burning the midnight lantern putting in long hours. Our fans have been busy too, so check out this month’s community spotlight! We’ve got 40 years saviors, a wide eyed mammoth, a big beautiful box of death, and a high school archer! Thanks to all of those who’ve tagged us in their projects, paints and game nights on the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

40 Year Saviors

In Kingdom Death, saviors are heroes of settlements who exchange the vanities of youth for the tangible power through the domain of the Ethereal Dreamer. @mizugiwanohito’s 40 Year Male Savior and Lorenzo’s 40 Year Female Savior stand firm against the imminent dangers that threaten their fellow survivors. The tonal details by both painters highlights the miniature's intensity.

Feasting Eyes!

We’ve been lured in by Jerome Roberty’s eye-popping take on the Gorm! Loving how they drew a clear distinction between the Gorm’s elephantine body with its bloated face and hands, and how could we forget about those fabulous bulging baby blues! 

The Dark Carpenter

Behold! An absurdly gorgeous homemade KD Box over at r/woodworking. Handcrafted with carved, stained, and finished cherry wood, this beauty features Watcher crest and Intimacy art engravings and even a custom leather three ring binder for gear cards. The attention to detail here is superb right down to the etched token holders. Really interesting to see the individual steps of the woodworking process, well done!

Death High Miko
GFFM has done it again with another true to art Death High paintjob! Now Miko joins the rest of GFFM’s graduating class. True to her in-game counterpart, Miko has chosen archery as her featured extracurricular. Sunring bow in hand, Miko looks like she’s giving her target the side eye before lining up her shot. What’s Sun Language for bullseye?


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