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KDU#85 - Gencon Web Sale!

KDU#85 - Gencon is Over!

Thank you to all who visited our booth at Gencon! It was our first trade show since Gencon 2019 and it was amazing to reconnect with everyone! We had a wonderful time shaking hands and rolling dice with you. We were chuffed to hear about the life and deaths of your favorite campaigns and to see all the Kingdom Death minis represented at Gencon’s painting contests. Check out our latest Kickstarter update to see in depth Kingdom Death Gencon reportage.

The Gambler’s Chest Expansion is now available for presale on our webstore for the first time! Gambler’s Chest presale fulfillment will begin immediately after backers in your region have been fulfilled. To celebrate the release of the biggest expansion, we are bringing brand new card sleeves to the table! Available in a thick and succulent 100 microns, these sleeves are meant to withstand the rigors of a KD:M campaign. They are available in Core Game and Gambler’s Chest Expansion bundles! 

Missed out on Gencon? Well you don’t have to miss out on our Gencon exclusives! Available now is the new Echoes of Death 4, indomitable survivor Longclaw Lenore, Lune (reimagined in hard plastic), alongside new resin releases Sen and Sci Fi Lucy. In Painter’s Scale is Twilight Witch, a Sci Fi Lucy variant, and the Butcher Bust (our very first large format monster bust). Finally, for those of you that have been waiting patiently for the Dwelling to open its doors again, our online Kingdom Death Simulator is back on our webstore via the Illusionist Key! 

Gencon 2023 Releases

Gambler's Chest Pre-sale
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Seasonal Exclusives
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New Releases
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Sci Fi Lucy
 - Read More
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Encore Releases
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Kingdom Death: Simulator
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Monster Core Game
Monster 1.6 Core Game - Read More

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Community Spotlight:

It’s our first Community Spotlight with the Gambler’s Chest Expansion in backer hands and brushes! For this edition, we’ll be looking at the Gambler’s Chest in action as well as showcasing some community content filmed at our booth in Gencon. If you have been avoiding Gambler's Chest spoilers, worry not. We will not be discussing any GCE spoilers in this spotlight and leaving a spoiler warning if the linked content contains unrevealed aspects of the Gambler's Chest!

A New Hero Appears + Bra Mithra's GCE Deep Dive

Fresh from Gencon, Bra Mithra managed to record one of our super secret demos with the First Hero! Tune in to see Bra and his companions get decimated by weapons and tactics that should look very familiar to those with a Timeless Eye.

Also available on Bra Mithra’s YouTube channel is an uncut People of the Dream Keeper campaign in motion with full-on spoilers?! If you're looking for gameplay, look no further than Bra Mithra’s Youtube channel. He’s streaming the entirety of his first experiences with the expansion! Join in on the rest of the survivors of his settlement as they struggle and strive through Bra Mithra's inaugural forays into the GCE. 

Tennis Serves Up a Showdown

For an exciting (but very spoiler-y) snapshot of the People of the Dream Keeper campaign, check out Tennisdude’s twitch stream of his first showdown against the ineffable King! Pair, FullHouse, CloudNine, Raise, and a very musically talented scout take on the Awaited One. The fight is filled with the near tragedies, massive highs, and close calls that exemplify Kingdom Death.

Quackalope's Gorgeous Unboxing

If you're looking for a full unboxing of the Gambler’s Chest Expansion, Quackalope has an excellent one available on YouTube. Quackalope and Shira lovingly break down the contents of the Gambler’s Chest Expansion in fine detail. We watched this one together as an office, and it was cathartic for us see someone discover the true breadth of the Gambler's Chest for the first time!

Also available on the Quackalope channel is a myriad of Gencon content, including an exclusive interview with our very own Adam Poots. 

Rollwill's First Crimson Day

We may never know who painted the first Crimson Crocodile in the wild, but Rollwill's was the first one that we encountered on social media and gosh is it a treat to finally see this bloodbathing reptile in full color! Each detail is cared for here from the monster's immaculate nails to the little scars and tears on its pale enchanted flesh. 

Forging Ahead with Forged by Geeks

We wanted to give a special shoutout to Forged by Geeks, who recently began their own spoiler filled People of the Dream Keeper campaign on Twitch. This dynamic duo has been playing Kingdom Death since their campaign with the core game 7 years ago! Thank you for sticking with us for all of these lantern years! 

Adam and Anna were so delighted to see the Crimson Crocodile on their table that Adam took the opportunity to chime into their chat!

Big Deno's Big GCE Paint-a-thon

Want to follow along as someone builds and paints the Gambler's Chest Expansion before your very eyes? Check out Big Deno's Twitch! This prolific painter has been streaming his journey assembling and painting the monsters of the People of the Dream Keeper campaign, starting with a hauntingly horrifying rendition of the inscrutable Bone Eaters!


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