Kingdom Death News! - Happy Lunar New Year!
KDU#78 - January 2023 Sale

KDU#78 - News Year's Releases

Our jaunty yule-time bash have turned to New Years celebrations!

We are ringing in the new year with some new photoresin and ghosts of lantern years past. 

Joining us for the very first time is Barbarian Lucy, a coarse muscle-bound take on the namesake starting survivor in photoresin, painters scale, and deathgrey. Finally, we have Hellebore, an ice-wielding starting survivor coming to us with brand new beta rules from a frozen settlement. 

January 2023 Releases

Winter Exclusives
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New Releases
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Monster Core Game
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Community and Painting Contest Update:

The Pinup Painting Contest gallery and results is now on our website! Click here to see all of your amazing submissions. 60 Kings Coins have now been minted and shipped.

In the meantime, enjoy more choice selections from our wonderful community. This month, we’re featuring a morbid questing survivor, a lavish armed hunter, a Pale King in Red, and a cute goth girl on the beach.

Grimace Reaper

Reapokratis is a grim-faced and death-obsessed survivor in search of his long lost brother. Sato_sugar’s Reapokratis is true to Lokman Lam’s original art. Seeing him in paint emphasizes the character’s profound paranoia as he clutches his shield to hide his wide-eyed visage. Excellent detailing, particularly on the fabric and skin. 

Hunting in Style 

Nobles from a flourishing city amuse themselves by hunting the most fearsome predators they can track down. Dave_Hanlon’s Pinup Great Game Hunter displays her wealth with lavishly painted puff sleeves and stockings. An ammo slave is hunched prostrate behind the crossbow in stark contrast to the hunter.
Glass Coast Winter Vacation 

In this season of cold and gray we long to be a gorgeous goth girl on a glass coast beach basking in the rays of a sunny paradise. True to the original art, AzureCross13’s precise brush work on the fishnet stockings and parasol would make the Dark Seamstress proud. The details of the sand on her long black gloves is perfect. No notes!

Red Royalty

Any paint of this quality would be a notable feat in its own right, but the fact that our artist, u/sexyspidicules, was recovering from (eight?!) eye surgery during the painting process makes it all the more remarkable. The painter employs an arresting hue of white that contrasts brilliantly with the striking red of the Tyrant's Celestial Robes. Truly a Tyrant worth erecting a tomb for.


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