Kingdom Death News! - July Sale
KDU#56 - July Sale
KDU#56 - Catch the Wave of Summer Resin!
Summer stretches on into a new month bringing a new sale! New resin generics tackle magic and mages, Satan arrives at Death High, beloved encores, and a brand new shirt from a yet-unreleased monster! 

July 2020 Releases

New Releases
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Resin Encores
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Seasonal Releases
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Monster Core Game
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Community Spotlight

In the midst of summer Kingdom Death continues on, eagerly consuming the hot and steamy community content so graciously bestowed on us from social media. This week we have two pairs of lovers, one a twin manifestation of a single malevolent entity, the other innocent and infatuated. We also have two sets of monsters, and the smaller creatures that resemble them. Here are just a few of the many paints that caught our eye. As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.

If You Can't Love Yourself

Scantily clad in living tongues Christophe Fontaine’s Satan Twins observe the beauty and seductive prowess of Lokman Lam’s original art. The Satan Twins represent dual physical incarnations of the Satan entity which was so enraptured with its own power and beauty that it split in two in order to better love itself. This paint job is a perfect reflection of that power and beauty; we’re audibly salivating at the tone of those tongues!
Lettering In Love
It’s a crisp Autumn afternoon. GFFM’s Death High Intimacy Couple are still on the gridiron, fresh off of cheer and football practice. He’s the QB, she’s the top of the pyramid. It’s a little chilly outside, so she’s wearing sheer tights underneath her denim shorts. They’re sharing a hunk of cotton candy purchased from the Death High concession stand. Life is good. To be frank, every perfect little detail on this resin paint, right down to the matching sneakers, has us totally smitten. Perfectly marvelous!
People of a Feather
Through decades and decades of dreaded Phoenix hunts Nessahillart’s settlement has completed 4 full Phoenix Armor sets. Matching the brilliant hues of the winged beast’s feathers, these survivors are suited up and ready to charge. The stony tones of the Phoenix’s body contrasting with the expansive fiery wings are breathtaking. This pattern matches the survivors, whose metallic tones of the ironclad plating contrast with the small and tail feathers in the armor. This is a spectacular monster and survivor set. Well done!
Eight Eyes Take Lives

With her latest, Shoshie has treated us to a terror of a mini, or more accurately, family of minis. Painted to resemble the Australian Peacock Spider, Shoshie has widened and compounded the eyes. Once sunken, these eyes are now wide, beady, and still adept at detecting the slightest vibration. The light hues displayed on the monsters’ visage contrast strikingly with its technicolored peacock segmented abdomen. We’re pleased to learn that real life Peacock Spiders are only 6 millimeters, unfortunately for any neighboring Survivors, Spidicules is quite a bit bigger.


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