Kingdom Death News! - September Sale
KDU#58 - September Sale
KDU#58 - Autumn Equinox
Less sunlight and colder days means more time inside, which means more painting and gaming! We've got a few new models and old favorites to prep you for the oncoming days. 

The Court Barrister dresses to impress, and argue, in magic court. The moodiest of the gang, Allister, starts at Death High, and we see an Elf Variant enter the fold. Of course we've got some Fall Death Dice to ring in the new season and we're graced with some encores like the Bullet Dancer, Strider Princess, Ringtail Vixen, and White Speaker Sword Hunter.
September Sale

September 2020 Releases

New Releases
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Resin Encores
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White Box Reinforcements
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Seasonal Releases
Fall Death Dice - Read More

Community Spotlight

A familiar chill has begun to creep into the air, yet we’re still in a summer mood, celebrating the sweltering heat of our community's creativity! For the final heat check of the summer, we’re shining the sunlight on an Aztec princess, an intrepid knight, the highest of elves, and an arachnid in excellent company. As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.

Saturdays are for the Spawn

While others spent their Saturdays streaming movies or grilling meats, Matthew Mercer was kicking back with his broodmother. Yes, this leisurely Saturday was well spent, thoroughly coating the Spidicules and its young in luscious warm tones illuminated by electric eyes. Be sure to check out our painter’s decked out survivors as well. The metallic detail on that Beacon Shield is especially choice! Thanks for playing and painting Matthew, we’re thrilled that we got to be a part of your weekend!
Keeper of the Known
It’s doubtful that there is a single being I would trust more to preserve survivor knowledge than Tabo.jin's Allison the Twilight Knight. There’s so much beauty and power in this one small paint. Obviously the colors here are masterful. The shine effect on the blade, the contrasting trim on the hilt and belt, and the cooling effect on the armor that is detailed to perfection. Judging by the base, our dear Allison in the presence of the Dragon King. Godspeed.
Your Treasure Hunter
Elves live in a vast diaphanous kingdom of shimmering opal, beautiful beyond measure. Elves guide fallen adventurers back to their worldly treasures, for a price of course. With big blue eyes, and a lavish pink dress ZERO has created the perfect Elf. Every little detail from Lokman Lam’s original art is included in this paint from the entrancing amulet to the opulent trimmings on the belt and jewelry.
Rainbow Royalty

MaGieMiniatures Phoenix Dancer looks like she’s still enjoying the tropical heat! Inspired by an Aztec princess, this absolutely gorgeous figure is nothing if not regal posing elegantly atop what looks to be a base at the bottom of a majestic ziggurat. We kneel in reverence for the intricate detailing on this princess. The boots, feathers, and blade, all dazzling.


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