Kingdom Death News! - Valentine's Day Sale!
KDU#62 - February 2021

KDU#62 - Happy Valentine's Day!

In a season of hearts, we can only think to share ours with you during this trying time. 2021 has proved to be no easier than 2020, but our fans' support, patience, and dedication has also proven to be a constant, and for that, we truly feel loved. While a fancy dinner out might not be possible, a night in painting and playing KDM is definitely our go-to and we have a few additions to help.

The brand new items in the KD store feature Lune, a survivor from a snowy settlement, the Death High - Holy Mage who makes a playful splash, and the very first Kingdom Death Face Mask, made from 100% organic quilter's cotton.

In addition, we have seasonal favorites - Till Death Do Us Part and Valentine's Day Death Dice, as well as encores of Aries and Hospitalar.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day 2021 Sale and Releases

New Releases
Lune - Read More
Death High - Holy Mage - Read More
Kingdom Death Face Mask - Read More

Holiday Favorites
Till Death Do Us Part - Read More
Valentine's Day Death Dice - Read More

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6 - Read More
Legendary Card Pack - Read More

Returning Encores
Aries - Read More
Hospitalar - Read More

Seasonal Selections
Winter Death Dice - Read More

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Community Spotlight

It’s that time of year again, where the dreary winter days are best spent with those special someones we love the most. We are of course talking about that special bond between a painter and their minis. This month, we have a lovely lawyer, a spurned pariah, a brewing merchant, a stalwart student, and a legendary settlement. As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.
Matt and His Friends
Huge shoutout and thank you to Matt Mercer for giving us so much love. Matt was kind enough to share his magnificently painted monsters and full suite of survivors. Each individual mini is painted in its own thematic palate. We especially enjoyed pouring over each survivor armor set completed in this sprawling settlement. Thank you for sharing Matt, we’re so glad that the models and challenge of Kingdom Death could help center and calm.
Love Potion Maker
Right on time for Saint Valentine it looks like Imaginarium’s Energy Potion Maker is brewing up some love. You can find Energy Potion Makers in the bustling Sunset Bazaar where they deal energy potions tailor-made to boost energy for distinct tasks. We suppose love could be one of them. Imaginarium’s merchant’s is dressed in splendid color with a vivid night sky scene depicted on her harem pants. With such detail and seamless integration of that custom base, one has to wonder whether Imaginarium chugged some energy potion before completing this perfect paint.
Barrister in Blue
All rise for ZERO’s Court Barrister, another paint from the Kingdom Death generic line. You don’t have to serve a subpoena for us to confess that this arbiter is looking absolutely stunning. Using Lokman Lam’s original art as inspiration, ZERO gave their counsel a spectacular blue trim that accentuates everything from the corset to the flesh tones on those giant hands. After a brief judicial review we can rule that this paint job is guilty of stealing our hearts.
Those who joined Jauninevision’s Twitch stream were able to bear witness to this malevolent Pariah. The Pariah feeds on those with wounded hearts, manipulating emotions and gaining their trust through the use of his Cyclopean Empathy. Januine’s Pariah is painted for pain with the steely tones on his ornate collar and hair. We’re especially disturbed by the demonic detail of the tormented souls trapped on the inside of the cloak.
Warrior's Spirit
Practicing late at the Death High Dojo, Lucy is armed with deadly fists and teeth, the perfect fighting style for whatever might come her way. GFFM has wowed us again with another picture perfect paint. We especially love the kick ass detail on Lucy’s furious eyes, flowing hair, and black belt.



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