Kingdom Death News! - Halloween Sale!
KDU#49 - Halloween Sale

KDU#49 - Happy Harvest

The spookiest month around is cause for celebration! We've got some old favorites as well as new additions to the monster mash.

New seasonal minis and festive updates abound! Oktoberfest Aya arrives with
an Afterdeath Brew in hand, resin Thralls creep in, and a festive Death High Disciple of the Witch 1 rounds out our Halloween releases.

The Halloween White Speaker returns in hard plastic armed with Black Ghost Dagger pattern and gear cards. Shadowy favorites return, Devil Satan, Halloween Survivors, and the Halloween Pinup Twilight Knight. Roll the true bones with a set of Halloween Death Dice. 

Please note that items from this sale will begin shipping on November 14th.


Halloween Releases

New Releases
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Spooky Exclusives
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Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More

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Community Spotlight

Every Halloween we don grins as wide as jack-o’ lanterns, beaming with pride at the festive spirit and the scary good talent of our community members. We’re celebrating the season by pausing our regularly scheduled occult rituals to show off a small sample of our favorite community works. We’re also keeping a close eye on all submissions from the Echoes of Death painting contest. Stay tuned.

Continued thanks to all of those who’ve tagged us in their projects, paints, convention experiences, and game nights on the official KD Twitter account: @kingdomdeath.

Two Lvl 3 Lanterns

Here we have not one but two magnificent Kingdom Death inspired pumpkins! First we have Red Haley’s White Lion Crest expertly carved featuring glowing strange fingernails. I wonder how a White Lion would feel if it saw a survivor holding a pumpkin lantern glowing with its own visage. Would it be startled by seeing an orange reflection of its own golden eyes and glorious mane? Or would it be too focused on the juicy morsel holding to lantern to notice? 

Next we have Brian Hager’s pumpkin that has been superbly carved to mirror the Dung Beetle Knight’s filthy faced resin dungball. Just like the real thing, I live in fear of seeing this pumpkin’s wide eyes shot at me from 2d10 spaces away. Shout out to CanvasWitch who provided our carver with the sketch. 

It fills our dark hearts with joy to know these two pumpkins will be sizing up trick or treaters all night long.

Spooky Hooded Knight

@nikkikolls Halloween Pinup Twilight Knight makes a timely appearance. A terrific execution faithfully representing the original artwork. We love the menacing expressions on the base and the terrific flow of the painted fabric. 

Figure On the Peak

Regard the strange man atop the summit’s plateau of the Inverted Mountain. Art Em’s l Mountain Man paint job channels Zeen’s original art as it looks on at those who have ascended to its domain with a rapturous gaze. A soft splash of color on the stomach and the collar accentuates the fear inspiring figure that beckons with its spindly mandible. Impeccable work, particularly the subtle shading Mountain Man’s body and torso.

Devil Satan Two Ways

Calaver’s Devil Satan has emerged from your wildest dreams into your lives! Pitchfork and jack o’ lantern in hand, our devious friendly fiend has that tell-tale look of sly satisfaction in her inviting eyes. Speaking of which, the detail on these eyes are exquisite, love the pinpoint mascara that gives this Devil Satan a feline feel. The elegant and ever so slight difference in the hues of her skin and hair make me physically ill from love-sickness.

Devil Satan makes a painter's scale appearance in @_GMLeigh's black-clad take. Lovely matte finish, terrific sickly lighting effect. It was awesome to see the WIPs on their twitter as the model took shape.

Perfectly Bloody

After ten years of creating miniatures, we’re still amazed and humbled by paint jobs like @mizugiwanohito’s 10th Anniversary White Speaker. The ribbon of blood that completes a precise mirror image of Lokman Lam’s original art is a stunning addition to a perfect paint job. Posing with her ritual dagger atop a stone base, this White Speaker tells a unique story of blood. Brilliant and beautiful ensemble of precision and creativity.

Top Top Ten

Quackalope Games produces a roundup of the rarest Kingdom Death minis. A true deep-dive showing off some products we haven't seen at HQ in ages.


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