Kingdom Death BackerKit Action Required!- 1.6 Legendary Card Packs are Shipping
September 2021

Kingdom Death BackerKit Action Required!

Your action is required to ship the 1.6 Legendary Card Pack. You will be receiving a separate e-mail from Backer Kit to confirm your address and pay any balance on your account. Even if you believe your address to be current, please double-check the link that will be sent to you from Backer Kit. You are receiving this e-mail because:
  • Your shipping address requires confirmation
  • Your payment method  (to pay for shipping) needs to be updated

The current wave of shipping includes 1.6 Legendary Card Pack Pre-order.Without a valid payment method and confirmed shipping address we will not be able to send these items to you.

Reminder: As per the pre-order store's policy, individuals are responsible for taxes per their delivery country's / region's laws.

Please follow the link in that e-mail to login into your backer kit account and update your payment method and confirm your address.Thank you for your attention on this.

If you are not receiving the 1.6 Legendary Card Pack, please just confirm your address and payment information.


Do you need help? We want to help you. Please submit a ticket here:

Do not send us support messages thru kickstarter, twitter or instagram. 
Thank you!
When will my order ship? 

Shipping has been severely impacted by the Covid19 Pandemic. Please expect a longer time for your parcels to arrive.

High volume sales may cause shipping delays. Generally we pack and ship orders daily, however during new releases we estimate shipping delays up to 2 weeks. We apologize, please be kind to our team as they process and pack your order. Thank you!
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