KDU#89 - Deathmas Sale
KDU#89 - December 2023

KDU#89 - Holiday Gathering 2023

A mysterious elven eye peers in to view a very special Deathmas. Apotheosis and Atnas cheers to a holiday well done while Edlen and a wide-eyed Cockroach Queen share gifts. An always vigilant Leather Queen stays out of the gaze of a Choatic eye.

Holiday 2023 Releases

New Resin Releases
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Leather Queen - Bust - Read More

New Hard Plastic Releases
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Seasonal Exclusives
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Holiday Death Dice - Read More
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Santa Satan - Read More

Elgnirk the Choas Elf - Read More
Winter Solstice Lucy - Read More
Happy Holidays Atnas Tee Shirt - Read More

Ammo Slave - Read More
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Monster Game
Monster 1.6 Game - Read More
Premium Card Sleeve Sets Read More

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Gambler's Chest Painting Contest

Coming soon! Announcing a painting contest to celebrate the long awaited Gambler's Chest Expansion, featuring the glorious miniatures of the chest!

The Dark Judges will be looking for your very best monsters, narrative sculpts, and armor kits to render fabulous prizes!

During the contest, we encourage you to post your works-in-progress, recount your favorite arc survivor stories, and share your tools and techniques! Tag us in your posts on instagram @kingdomdeath. Stay tuned for rules and details.

The Gambler's Chest expansion will make a retail debut on the blackest of Fridays.

Community Spotlight

Our community has come bearing bountiful gifts of yule time paints. Pullup a chair by the cozy lantern oven and gaze at the wondrous holiday spectacle. This week we have a bevy of Christmas creatures, including a choatic elf, blood glass survivors, and the Shooting Star of the Solar Diamond Age.  

Nobody's Helper

Donning an Atnas hat, candy cane stockings and a literal candy cane, Magenta Pikachu’s Elgnirk the Choas Elf rides into the Holiday Season. For whatever reason, we can’t help but to be a little jealous of the noble steed that its riding on. Even the stone-faced base is a celebratory red! Much love to the artist for giving this model the holiday treatment it deserved. 

Dome Busting Makes Me Feel

We’ve loved watching the paint progress of Texred’s Gambler’s Chest Expansion. We figured that we’ve shared so many Crimson Crocodile’s in this here spotlight that we might as well show off what you can make with their body parts. Texred’s bloodglass survivors are armed to the lustrous teeth with full Croc armor sets and their respective crockery crafted weapons, a Dome Buster and A blood Glass Longsword. Happy hunting you two!

The Yuletide Crew

Lushipur_malache has gifted us with a full suite of seasonal survivors. Fully christened in color come Holiday Twilight Knight, Twin Seasonal Satans, and both sizes of Solstice Lucy have all joined the holiday party. Paints like these brighten our days during the dark days of winter. 

Atnas Has Come to Town (Settlement)

Invited or not, Atnas is here just in time for the giving (and taking) season. This time, master of the blade paid a visit to Dystopia Matt’s ball of sleepers where it faced off against the Grinch, Santa Satan, Krampus, and Old Joe. Although we must remind everyone that only Old Joe is canonically a Kingdom Death survivor. The elder (candy)caneswordsman failed to relive his glory days and instead got a holiday smackdown at the hands of the festive survivors, though it should be mentioned that only 9 remain…


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