Kingdom Death News! - Midspring Bonanza!
KDU#81 - Easter Sale! 

KDU#81 - Lagomorphs Hop Onto the Scene

The Kingdom Death store is hopping mad with characters new and old. Lead by the charming Lolowen, the Lagomorph survivors corral Gnostin Stonesmasher into the epicenter of an ordeal that he cannot swing his hammer out of. Will he succumb amidst the settlement's carnal blood frenzy? Perhaps the key to overcoming his plight lies with Pascha the Blood Festival's master, who is bedecked in a brand new variant.

On the pastel and egg side of things, holiday favorites Easter Aya and Pinup Easter Twilight Knight are also here, making their annual return alongside the next entry in our ongoing series of Pinups of Death 2022 Contest painters scales. The Pinup Storm Knight Armor as requested by Sergiy D!

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Community Spotlight:

Happy egg hunting season! While we were painting eggs, our beloved community was painting monsters and survivors, and we have enjoyed them all! This month we're displaying a marvelous display, a spear wielding survivor commissioned in color, a flushed fowl, and a stony-faced stone smasher.

Garage Kit Display

Gffm featured some choice pieces of his collection in the garage kit exhibition
“Carat 2”. Prominently displayed on handsome pedestals are Octoberfest Aya, Winter Solstice Lucy, and Halloween Ringtail Vixen. Three seasonal ladies in painters scale with perfect paints sit next to a glass case of crew of minis! Hoping the attendees enjoyed looking this fine display as much as we did. 


Standing proud in her hybrid Leather/Phoenix armor is Tama, a spear wielding huntress brought to live through the illustration of Coffee and Stylus and design of VulcanCav. The art brief reference photo is also included in the post. It’s fun to see each piece of the character laid out coupled with some in-game references. May Tama retire peacefully with all her limbs still attached to her body. 

Tickled Pink 

Nikki Sullivan has given us something to blush about with the Blushing Owl's fleshy fingers and rosy hued feathers. The way the colors seamlessly flow into one another strikingly punctuated in the middle by a cold three-eyed stare. The brilliant coat and body of the bird is contrasted nicely with earthy base. 

Pillar from the Community

There’s a unique joy in seeing a cool sculpt become a cool mini, and then that cool mini getting shipped to and painted by hobbyists around the globe. We were especially thrilled to see what would become of the Stone Wrecker, and the early returns do not disappoint. Turgza’s Stone Wrecker is as simple as it is contemplative. Strong enough to wield a stone column as a bludgeon, but uniquely aware if its fragility in the larger world. We loved the lighting effect on the skin from the lantern, and crisp textures on the column and base. 


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