Kingdom Death News! - Spring Sale!
KDU#63 - March 2021

KDU#63 - Spring Has Sprung!

We have a bit of a heat wave here in NYC and that's perfect as we are looking to leave our painting nooks and get out in the sun! There are some new additions we are excited to show off here, the biggest being the new Survivor Tokens!

A handsome and fun way to keep track of your survivor's survival actions, these tokens have unique artwork featuring the four starting survivors: Allister, Erza, Lucy, and Zachary. Keep the vibrant artwork face up when an action is unused. When used that round, flip it to its inverted side and you will have a reminder that it is spent for this round.

Joining the Survivor Tokens we have the Screaming God Armor - Female and Astri the Promised, two new additions to our resin and photoresin ranges. Rounding out this month's offerings are the White Speaker Boss, Flower Witch, and two favorite shirts: Verdant Lord and Titan Bee. We also have some seasonal favorites, the Pinup Easter Twilight Knight, Easter Death Dice, and Spring Death Dice.


Spring Sale and Releases

New Releases
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Returning Encores
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Seasonal Selections
Spring Death Dice - Read More
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Pinup Easter Twilight Knight - Read More

Community Spotlight

Rising temperatures are just one of the many reasons we’re ready to go outside and frolic like Death High students on the first day of spring break. But before we frolic in blooming flowers, let’s appreciate the hearty yield of indoor wintertime paints! This month we have three regal figures, an earth-toned baller, and a celebrant who spreads warmth in all seasons. As always use our #kingdomdeath if you’d like us to see your work on Twitter or Instagram.
Eyes for Detail
The Hand is one of our more difficult models to fight and paint with so many crevices, details, and the whole three open lenses thing. Which is why we’re so impressed at sobminis’ gilded entity. This nemesis looks ready to go full speed now that it’s adorned in luxuriously painted exotic robes. Mad respect and a round of applause on the paintjob Sobminis, hopefully you’ll get the same from the Hand itself.
Opulent Offering
Is the demure expression on her face quiet seduction? Or is Electric Eve’s Pinup Dragon Sacrifice uneasy about her grim task? The patterns on the ceremonial robes and stockings of this attractive offering are the picture of opulence. We also love the deep rich colors surrounding this pinup, every detail is thought out right down to the subtle hue on the base.
Same Scheme, Same Dragon, Different Bodies
We’ve seen ideal sacrifice, but who might be worthy to consume such a morsel? Lorenzo Sasso answers the question with two regal dragons. The painter dazzles us with a striking icy color scheme. We’re stargazing at every detail of these two regal foes, the tiny details on the celestial robes, the way those robes match the hues of the microwave heart, the pairing of red wine tones on the celestial breastplate and wings. A commission fit for a king!
Ready To Roll
Mixing organic and inorganic textures, Andrey Skidchenko’s Dung Beetle Knight looks ready to absolutely obliterate a few dozen survivor parties. These textures are beyond stunning, especially the vivid detail on century carapace and sides of the resin ball. This beetle and its ball look so good they almost look like a bit of big budget studio CGI magic. Especially admiring the resin ball’s wild eyes and wizened facial hair.
Cold, Dry, KDM Winter
Holed up in the cold Dave Hanlon felt it was the perfect time to paint the hide-lined Grim Muffler on his Winter Solstice Lucy. She spreads holiday cheer and warmth year round to her fellow survivors on the hunt board. Lucy looks quite serene in her surroundings, despite the icy white snow and survivor skulls at her feet. Lovely paint Dave Hanlon! Stay warm out there.


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