KDU#86- Black Knight Preorders Available Now!
KDU#86- GCE 97% Fulfilled

KDU#86 - GCE 97% Fulfilled

We have reached 97% completion on fulfilling the Gambler’s Chest Expansion! To celebrate the occasion, a whole crew of new releases are here to party! Pinup Honeycomb Weaver (Painter’s Scale), Death High Moss, and Dark of Star have all joined the festivities. Even the aloof Death High Senior Allister (Painter’s Scale) found the time to roll in. Finally, Echoes of Death 4 makes its triumphant return to the store! Thanks to all who pledged for your patience. If you haven’t received your copy, we have not forgotten you; our customer service team is hard at work to resolve the issue. For those who did not have the chance to pledge for the Gambler’s Chest Expansion, preorders are available on our webstore

In addition, the Black Knight expansion is printing now! Fulfillment of the Black Knight expansion will begin as soon as possible. If you did not pledge for the Black Knight, you have one final chance to preorder the expansion via backerkit now! For more information on the Black Knight, check out our latest update on Kickstarter!

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Community Spotlight:

Would you look at the time, it's Croc o' clock! We have a total of three very special Crocs to show you today, two in the heat of battle and one blushing beautifully, as well as one more look at the Gambler’s Chest in its entirety!

Surprise Party!

Join Matt and Josh of Twist Gaming as they complete jam-packed (and spoiler packed) lantern year 5 Crimson Crocodile hunt featuring some unexpected guest stars in the form of Bone Eaters. Did they successfully fend off these marrow hungry marauders and triumph against their pale quarry, or were they eaten alive? Tune in to Twist’s Youtube channel to see how their settlement "White Lion Retirement Villa" progresses through the Dreamkeeper campaign!

A Warm Awesome Unboxing

We have one last unboxing to share with you all! A Warm Awful Feeling shares a bespoke (and spoiler free) unboxing of the Gambler’s Chest. The videographer connects the unboxing with her previous round-up of all the Gambler’s Chest systems which you can find here while keeping things concise and digestible. It’s particularly useful because even we forget how many systems we threw in this thing sometimes. 

Blood King of the Blood Pool

Most of Zumikit0’s minis are painted to a tabletop standard but he couldn’t help but to keep it going on this fully coagulated Crimson Croc. The painter notes a cool trick for making reds redder which is perfect for a blushing beast such as this. This sparkling reptile exhibits some intimidating attribrutes itself, including multiple sets of perfectly detailed irises and a sharp set inside its juicy jowls. 

One on One

Speaking of Crocs, they do a lot more than just look pretty while you paint them. They also devour your survivors. Here’s one in the wild who’s done just that. Barry Ring Actor did us the favor of taking this snapshot of the final turns of this Crimson Crocodile showdown. This photo was taken right in the most climactic part of the showdown. We count a total of four dead stamps in this photo and one last survivor bloody and hyped up on death count, but the good news for her is that she appears to be in the right spot to wound the coagulated hit location and that monster’s wound stack is looking pretty hefty. 


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