Kingdom Death News! Murderer's Madness
KDU#82 - Murderer's Madness! 

KDU#82- Mists, Moss, and Murderer

A murderer is loose! Today brings a very special sale featuring FOUR NEW Ms: We have Mist in her armored and armorless form, Moss the ultimate climber, and a brand new Murderer bust! The newly enhanced Sunstalker Dancer also joins in bust form. Rounding out our magnificent line-up is the Pinup Butcher in Painters Scale, requested by Pinups of Death 2022 contest winner Sascha B!

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Community Spotlight:

We want to see your survivors! We love seeing and sharing paints on this platform and have no plans to stop! But if the community spotlight only shows the visual aspect of the Kingdom Death community, we’re missing out. So tell us about your survivors! We want to hear all about their lives no matter how wizened or brief they were. Tell us about their trials, triumphs, and cause of death!

In the meantime! Here are some of our favorite community paints this month:

Cold Blooded Giantess

With cool steely tones that reflect a dim light source in the distance is Ibai Ramirez’ Fighter from the first Echoes of Death. The Fighter is unknowingly coursing with Giant’s Blood which make her significantly stronger and more aggressive than a typical survivor. Something makes me think this particular survivor’s blood runs cold. 

Huntress in the Fields 

With the dry and sandy base and model to match it, Ben Krysa’s Primal Huntress looks like she’s been hunting an antelope in a dust bowl. The tones on her skin, gear, and apparel blend seamlessly. Here’s hoping she scores some Screaming Antelope crits with those Beast Knuckles!

Don't Try This at Homeroom

Dalton Swan’s Death High Allister is looking quite dapper in his true-to-art black and white coat and tie sporting too nunchucks. As much as we love the look, it’s not one we’d recommend bringing to an actual high school. Our artist laments their miniature face-painting ability but color us impressed! Especially with the details on the eyes and hair. 


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